Healthy Eating for Busy Boss Babes On The Go

Healthy Eating for Busy Boss Babes

Healthy Eating for Busy Boss Babes


Article by Stefanie Dawn
Photo Credit: Angel Quintana
Magazine: Issue #26

One of the most important habits i ever developed was thinking about what i was eating, before i ate it. Its attributed greatly to my overall health and energy and helps me keep my lean figure. 

I know it sounds simple but how many of us just grab something on the go without giving any thought to what we are consuming?

Next time your in a rush for next meeting, slow down, take a deep breath and think about what your food choice means for your goals, your figure, your wallet and your over-all health. 

Most of the time, the items in your favorite coffee shop are full of sugar, calories and portioned to ridiculous sizes for the ingredients. Things like bran or fruit muffins are actually higher in calories, sugar and fat than a single donut! Yikes!

And then there is the lunch time dilemma, in which you can swap the morning diabetic coma for takeout that is ridden with salt, preservatives and hidden caloric fat bombs that leave many of us wondering why we don’t feel so great, or can’t reach our health and fitness goals even if we perceive that we are eating is fairly “healthy”.

What’s the solution? Think before you eat, and plan before you go. 

The #1 thing you can do is prepare for your day the night before and pack easy snack foods on the go and have breakfast and coffee ready for when you wake up. Set your coffee timer, grab a stellar, glittering to go mug and make sure you have ingredients for a delicious fruit and green veg filled smoothie or overnight oats and you are well on your way. 

You can always pack quick snacks to eat with your between meetings and on the road - things like banana’s, apples, baggies of nuts and chopped vegetables. You can also purchase these things on the go at gas stations and mini marts!

Stay away from things in packages, things with ingredients you can’t pronounce and items glistening behind glass counters.

Yelp juice bars and organic shops in your area so if you absolutely have to stop somewhere, you know you are getting quality and nourishment to keep that mind sharp. Vote with your dollar in supporting smaller business and better options.

If there is a major coffee chain on one corner, and a small local artisan shop on the next, help out your fellow small business owner and go there.


These small, mindful choices, can and do add up. 

So next time you are quick to pick up something on the go, be conscious of your decisions and ask yourself is it the best option possible for me right how and can i make a more healthful choice? 

Not only will you save time and some money, but you will also feel and keep looking as amazing as you truly are!

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