Be a Rock Star Holistic or Beauty Practitioner Using 5 Core Business Elements


Rock Star Holistic or Beauty Practitioner

Rock Star Holistic or Beauty Practitioner

Article by Jenni Cornette
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #21


The key to creating a lifetime client is in giving the proper initial consultation. Invest the time initially your client deserves to really know their concerns or challenges. To learn how truly help, which is our goal as holistic and beauty practitioners, is by asking the correct questions and discovering lifestyle patterns.

Be Genuine

Put spirit into your practice. It is important to remain passionate about your practice and career choice. Do not let yourself get caught in a mindset that does not promote what you are offering. There is nothing worse than going in for a service to restore or revive your wellness and having a provider deflect their negative energy. It is not fair to be in a mental fog, angry or fatigued when you have someone paying for a service from you. Have a genuine desire to want to build a long lasting commitment to your clients by caring about them and by caring about yourself equally.

Create Rituals

Encourage clients in your holistic practice or beauty business to use proper home care regimes. I certainly would not recommend my family members use toxic products on their skin. I care enough about my clients to do the same, you should do the same. Your client is coming to you to give them your expert advice, they are seeking help. Do not let them down by sending them on their way after only one visit. It is your obligation as a professional to recommend a program which includes return visits and home care rituals to fit their needs and address their concerns. Consistency is key in both wellness and beauty programs.

Don’t forget the soul

Keeping a healthy attitude and mind, body, soul connection is one thing you do not want to forget. It is important to remain passionate about what you do for a career. Sho Make sure to include suggestions to your clients that will promote a soul filled lifestyle. Downtime, meditation and laughter should be a way of life. Not only for your clients, but for you as the expert. Show your commitment to mind body soul balance by remaining true to a holistic lifestyle. It is important to practice what you preach and do things that are good for your soul.

Follow Up

Follow up is equally as important as the consultation. This is how you will determine if you have helped your client and if the strategy for addressing their concern is successful. It will show your true desire to help and your concern with their well being and future by following up a couple days after your first session. Follow up is also a way of saying thank you for trusting me to provide you the best service and gives gratitude to efforts of seeking balance or improving health. Good old fashioned customer service is rare in todays culture. Brand yourself by having heart and caring about the results of the service you offer. The smallest things go a long way in connecting and nurturing your relationships.

Follow these simple 5 core elements and watch your books fill up! 

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Jenni Cornette is a mind body beauty consultant and educator.  She is known for incorporating spirit and soul into wellness and spa services.  She specializes in teaching best business practices to holistic wellness and beauty practitioners with her 5 Core Elements Series.  Find out more about about how her 5 Core Element Series can help you fill your books.

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