How to Advertise Your Holistic Business


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 How to Advertise Your Holistic Business

 How to Advertise Your Holistic Business

If you're ready to advertise, you're ready for success! When building a holistic business one of the best marketing strategies is to use online advertising to attract new customers. However, to assure your money brings you a return on investment (ROI), you're going to need a strategy.

Before you even begin designing your advertisements, take into consideration a few pre-advertising to-do's, which will help to assure your advertising dollars work towards the primary goal: the increase sales.

Create an Introductory Product or Free Goodie

First step is to make sure you have a low-cost product or free product ready. Remember, new potential customers may not know you yet, therefore, they might not trust you yet. So having a low-cost introductory program or an SEO-friendly Free Goodie is paramount. When I say low-cost I mean under $100.

Create a Landing Page that Converts

Once you have created your low-cost or free goodie product, you'll need a well-written landing page to showcase all the benefits of that product. If you don't know what should be on a landing page, not to worry, we have a course on how to create a landing page that converts designed specifically for this.

Create an Advertising Plan

After the landing page is completed, you are almost ready to start an advertising campaign. The next thing you need is an advertising plan, which includes where you will advertise (all over the web with display ads, Facebook, etc...) a set budget, and a strategy. This strategy includes know where you want your ads to show up, what major websites share your ideal customers, your keywords, a conversion or tracking pixel, and more. If you're not how to set-up your advertising campaign click here.

Design Your Advertisements

Next you'll need professionally designed and branded advertisements. If you know how to design your own ads, good for you. If not, you'll need to have someone design them for you. (This is a service we offer to Club Members).

Once you've completed the four steps, you are officially ready to advertise your holistic business and start attract new customers while you sleep! Isn't the internet a beautiful place to grow your holistic business? I'll say it is!

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