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Article: Angel Quintana
Photo: Dasha & Mari

If you've attempt to start a business, you know what I'm talking about. The voyage into entrepreneurship comes with quite a topsy-turvy roller coaster ride or decision-making and emotions. Over the course of nearly two decades of starting and running a business, stress is and will always be a factor not to take lightly because when it comes to building a brand, the to-do list nearly seems endless.

But let's face stress dead in the eye and come to the conclusion that stress is part of the journey. However, as a holistic business, we know better than to punch walls or scream at the dog-- it's just not very zen of us, but let's not pretend we are super humans. We have emotions too and well, stress, can take a hold of us from time to time. The goal is to reduce stress and to find your sweet spot (a balance where stress keeps you motivated, yet doesn't interfere with how the business is functioning, ie: customer service, customer retention, + others.)

Here are some sweet spot stress-free tips to keeping your eye on the prize and your luxury brand stay sparkling and organized:

1) Mind Your Own Business, Peeping Tom

There is nothing for stressing (or distracting) than spending your time snooping on what every one else is up to in your industry. In fact, the more time you waste focusing on anything other than YOUR business, is an instant way to add more stress into your life and business. I know, it's hard not to compare yourself to someone who's claiming to be more successful than you, but it's just a trap.

Even if you think checking out someone's website or following their social media feeds are harmless, take note to when your stress creeps up again. I'm pretty sure you'll find it was the second you stopped minding your own business and started paying attention to someone else's. Stop this dirty habit in it's track by keeping a to-do list next to your computer, for the next time you feel like being a peeping tom, remind yourself you have a lot of things to get done.

2) Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, Instead Sweat it Out!

Look, I'm the last person to be giving fitness advice, but that's only because I learned the hard way. After working myself to the bone, 7 days a week 14-16 hour days, it wears you down. Being susceptible to stress attacks happens when the pressure appears too daunting and alas, a freak out is in order. However, breaking a sweat at the gym or for 20 minutes at home with a couple dumbbells introduces a euphoric high.

I'm not saying breaking a sweat is going to cure all your worries, but it just might be enough to prevent you from telling Sally Jo to go shove it where the sun don't shine. As luxury brand owners, we have to keep our cool-- after all, we've got an image to uphold and having an stressful episode is not demure, sexy, or professional. When nothing else works, go for a walk or a sprint to get that blood moving through the veins. Then come back to your desk and ask yourself, "was she really worth all that effort?" Of course not.

3) Buy a Big-Ass Board, And Make a Long-Ass List

After drooling over beautiful offices in Rue Magazine, I started noticing a trend. That trend was the handy, over-sized chalkboard. This wall sized chalkboard not only looks way cool in an office environment, it also serve a dutiful purpose: list making. Function paired with aesthetics is a great combo, especially when it comes to reducing stress.

Use the big-ass board to not only draft your to-do's, but to visually pat yourself on the back by crossing those important tasks off the list. Your brain will produce Serontin (the good mood chemical found in our bodies), which is an instant mood booster! I can't tell you how many times myself and my team are skipping yankee doodle dandy by the end of the day from just crossing out completed tasks! By the workday comes to an end your batteries are recharged and your ready for a great evening! Give it a try.

4) Practice Gratitude: Remember, It's NOT So Bad

Just the other day I felt a stress attack coming on and I really did NOT want to go down that road. I knew my brain was playing tricks on me again, and as that silly rabbit says, "Trix are for kids." Instead of letting Negative Nelly take over my emotions, I started talking to myself out loud. What I said was, "I am thankful for my dogs. I love my clients. I'm so lucky to have married the right man. I have a lot. Don't forget how much you really have."

I said this over and over again, and you know what? It worked. I started focusing my attention on everything that was going RIGHT, instead of the one thought that was looking to stir the pot. It's amazing how powerful our brains are and how tricking those little turds can be at any given moment. It takes a lot of willpower and strength to see past the money mind and move forward with poise and gratitude.

The next time that icky stressful feeling start coming on strong, tell it to beat it. Find ways to reduce stress while building your luxury brand so you can grow it into what you always dreamed it could be: magnificent. Remember this if nothing else, no one can run your business like you can, even if someone else in your industry is claiming to have super powers-- we know you can't trust everything you read. Plus, you've got a long-ass list to accomplish this week and you can't let anyone stand in your way from accomplishing your goals.

Once you start seeing that chalkboard full of cross out tasks, that happy hour cocktail will taste that much better because there is nothing more rewarding to an entrepreneur than reaching a milestone, increase profitability, and remaining calm as you reach for the stars.

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