How to Find Fulfillment in Being Feminine


Fulfillment in Being Feminine

Fulfillment in Being Feminine

Article by Namaste Moore
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Women today are so stressed! We have the education, the career, the freedom – and yet often find fulfillment so elusive. 

Fulfillment means to make satisfying, and while we can acquire a great deal of things, satisfaction is an inside job. 

When a woman steps into her Feminine energy she experiences fulfillment. And here’s the potent part darling- it happens regardless of what’s going on around her. 

In order to step into your Feminine energy - start by being a ROSE. 

R – Receive – Feminine energy is receptive.  While masculine energy is giving – feminine energy is best expressed in receiving.  Allow others to do things for you. An example is the next time the cashier asks if you’d like help out (They still do that here in TX) say “Yes!”. Look around you for ways to receive daily –just by turning your attention to receiving you’ll suddenly discover all of the opportunities available to you! 

O – Orgasm – Having more orgasms can help you create and occupy a deeper feminine space. Orgasms are good on every level. On top of deliciously intense pleasure, we get a delightful cocktail of hormones that cause us to float through our day, lower blood pressure, and give our skin a fresh dewy look. Spiritually it is creative and alchemical, connecting us to our divinity– highly Feminine! 

S- Sensual – The definition of sensual I’m talking about is being connected to your senses. There are many opportunities to do this daily!  Upon awakening, take a moment to truly feel the sheets against your skin.  When taking a bite out of that plump ripe strawberry – really taste the intensity of the sweet tartness of it.  Inhale your perfume deeply.  Tune in to the sounds of the birds, the rain, your music. True sensuality is a revolutionary act. It takes bravery to tune in, instead of tuning out. 

E – Emotion – Emotion is energy in motion.  Emotion is the willingness to not only allow all of your senses to perk up but to let them truly move you is to experience your energetic presence as a living visceral thing.  The Feminine is energetic and moving.  This can be a HUGE bonus – when we learn to work with it. Allow your emotion and don’t feel bad about FEELING.

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