How to Get Publicity for Your Holistic Business

How to Get Publicity for Your Holistic Business

How to Get Publicity for Your Holistic Business


Article: Angel Quintana
Photo: Dasha & Mari

One of the biggest hurdles holistic businesses face when trying to grow their business online is publicity. Publicity is a form of credibility that will help to position your holistic business as the go-to solution for a specific problem. It is also a way to bring you (the business owner) clout as you continue to market your business.

Publicity comes in many different forms. It is essential to not only showcase your publicity on your website, but to also be selective about the right publicity you entertain. When you have the right publicity in place it will help you standout online amongst other business owners.

No matter what form of publicity you have: advertising, public relations, and promotions, expect a gradual increase in your brand awareness. While some publicity is free and others might be paid, publicity is necessary when growing a holistic business online..

Here are a few good examples of the right publicity you should strive to receive as you grow you holistic business online:

Write for a Magazine:

Getting featured in a print or online magazine doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. In fact, if you have done something noteworthy in your business (I believe having any kind of holistic business is incredibility noteworthy), it's important to let the media know. When the media takes notice of your work, there is a chance they will feature you in their publication.

Other magazine publicity includes showcasing your expertise in a magazine or on blog. The easiest way to get featured in a magazine or a blog is to contact the editor. Because many blog authors and magazine editors are bombarded with tons of emails each day, getting a response can be difficult, but never give up. Some magazines and blogs, such as Holistic Fashionista magazine and the Huffington Post, accept new writers regularly by merely submitting a sample of your work. If you are interested in sharing your expertise in Holistic Fashionista magazine, simply join The Club.

Host a Webisode TV Show:

Knowing someone will always be the easiest way to get free media attention, but don't worry. There are lots of other ways to get media attention that doesn't have to cost a pretty penny. After all, you got into business to make money, not to spend it all trying to get your holistic business off the ground.

Be in the right place at the right time--- or better yet, have it planned to be in the right place at the right time. If you know a television station is looking for a new story, why not be right in front of them when they are looking? This might include making phone calls (and leaving numerous messages, until you get that phone call returned), but it's worth it. If you want to be on television, the best way to do so, is to make those hard calls. If they happen to give you short notice, make a run for your travel agent and get on a flight. Tell them you were going to be there tomorrow anyway.

Another way to get featured on TV is to host your very own WebTV show on YouTube. If you didn't know, Lena Dunham from Girls started her career as a webisode before being picked up by HBO. The power of YouTube is undeniable. If you are the face of your holistic business and you're ready to increase your publicity, than video is definitely the way to go. If you are unsure as to how to start a YouTube webisode, consider joining HFTV, Holistic Fashionista Television available to our Club Members.

Start a Podcast or Radio Show:

Podcast is becoming a huge asset to many businesses online. In fact, with more and more embracing iTunes as their go to resource when they can't be behind their computer to gather information, wouldn't it be wise to host your very own podcast to grab the attention of your audience? I do.

Starting a podcast is an incredibly powerful form of publicity, and with a few inexpensive pieces of equipment, you can have a podcast up and running in literally a couple days. If you're considering starting your own podcast, be sure to have a marketing plan before you get started. There is nothing worse than spending time creating great content and lining up experts to interview only to have a nominal amount of people tune in to listen.

Starting a podcast to promote your holistic business is a great idea and an even better publicity strategy. Podcast is the new term for creating a web-based radio show and if you're looking for radio publicity, starting your own podcast is instant publicity.

If you're serious about growing your holistic business online, then there is no better time than right now to give your expertise the exposure it deserves. Whether you've got a website up and running or celebrating 10 years in business, gaining publicity for your business is a never-ending process. The more able you are to stay in the view of your target audience, the more people will learn of your business, what you offer, and when the time is right-- they just might become a die hard customer or lifetime fan. And that's great publicity!

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