How to Have Fun 101 For Overachieving Misfits

{3 reasons you're not having any}

How to Have Fun Overachieving Misfits

How to Have Fun Overachieving Misfits

Article by Eyenie Schultz
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Let me guess: You’re a smart, savvy, intelligent, kick-ass, creative and cool-ass dame with amazing taste, but somehow FUN seems to be eluding you. 

You feel bored, uninspired, exhausted and frustrated because in a way, you know you’re letting life pass you by and squandering all of this WOW you have bubbling up inside of you. 

So, if you have all of these things going for you, then what in the f-bomb is holding you back from engaging in something as seemingly simple as fun?!

Chances are, one of these three common reasons below may be fun-blocking you big time, yo!

1| You’re letting your noggin getcha.

Word on the street is we have over 60,000 thoughts per day! Uh, that’s a mega lot. And take a moment to think about how many of those are yucky, annoying, judge-y, self-deprecating and limiting ones! Yikes! And since you’re an overachiever, you’re probably spending oodles and oodles of time all up in your noggin thinking and thinking, which means these negatron thoughts end up having an even stronger hold on you.
Quick tip: Start noticing the yuck thoughts you’re having and work on replacing the with ones that actually make you feel better. Try that on for size.

2| You’ve put your passions on the back burner.

How much time do you spend at your bring-home-the-bacon job? On all your “shoulds”? How much headspace and energy does it take up in your life? Signs probably point to ‘a WHOLE lot’, which leaves little room for things that make you feel giddy and ecstatic!
Quick tip: Journal about what your true craft + calling might be…what feels exciting and WOW. Then, schedule time to actually do some of it!

3| You’re not expressing yourself on a daily basis.

We are all much more than just the job we do and the tasks we complete. And having amazing eclectic taste and being off-the-charts talented is wonderful, but it sorta sucks to not have an outlet to express that! What do you say with what you wear? How would you dress if you were the true embodiment of your most potent kick-ass self?
Quick tip: Play dress-up! It’s not superficial or frivolous!! It’s a way to showcase how effing fly and unique you are.

Drop these fun blocks, and go get your NEON on!

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Eyenie Schultz

Eyenie is a Career & Style Alchemist who helps the career-driven, Overachieving Misfit to have more FUN, discover her craft + calling and express herself through her style. She lives in the south of France and helps women all over the world to infuse their worlds with NEON. You can learn about her signature program and sign up for a gratis discovery session at Technicolor Priestess.

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