How to Increase Sales Online for Your Holistic Business

Increase Sales Online

Increase Sales Online


Article: Angel Quintana
Photo: Dasha & Mari

Let me rest you assured that growing your holistic business online is best way to make a difference. You and I both know you got into business to help serve those in need and today you woke up realizing you weren't helping as many people as you could. That is why the internet should be your new BFF.

You didn't graduate from college, get certified in everything under the son, read all those books, or go through all that trauma in your life just to make a little money. Having a holistic business means just that-- you should serve your ENTIRE niche market. And what better place to do that than the world wide web.

So what are the secrets to increase sales online that actually produce results? You and I both know there is no shortage of marketing strategies, but who is to say they all work. Well let me break down all the ways I know work when trying to increase sales online and why you should start implementing them today.

Increase Sales Online Strategy #1
Create an SEO-friendly Free Goodie

I know you've seen them on just about everyone's websites, but having a free goodie where you potential customers can opt-in (collect an email address) is essential to building trust. But it's not enough to just have something for FREE on your website for your audience, it actually needs a strategy behind it.

A free goodie should be titled with SEO. What is SEO? Search engine optimization is how Google will help you to attract new customers. How it works is withe keywords. You free goodie need to have keywords in the title and ideally, a landing page where your visitors can read all about how awesome it is, which entices them to opt-in.

If you don't know your keywords, it's going to be difficult to create a Free Goodie that is optimized for Google. Not to worry, this SEO course will help you figure out your keywords. Once you know your keywords, then you can start to create a free goodie. Just don't forget to mention at the end how you can continue to serve them. The free goodie might be free, but don't forget about making sales. After all, the purpose of the free goodie is to build the know, like, and trust factor, so they feel comfortable giving you their credit card information later.

Increase Sales Online Strategy #2
Engage New Prospects with Social Media

While social media  may not be the best way to generate new sales in your holistic business, it is the best way to keep them engaged. An engaged prospect is more likely to buy down the road than someone who is just finding out about you. I've have people on my list for years before they every became a client.

Preschedule social media posts with a platform like Hootsuite or Sprout Social so you aren't spending all day on social media engaging with your audience. Once you get into your rhythm you'll start noticing your fans hunting you down on other social platforms. Pay attention to these people; they are hot new leads to increasing sales online!

Increase Sales Online Strategy #3
Set-up an Advertising Campaign and Budget

Many holistic business owners skip over advertising because they don't know how it works or feel they don't have a big enough budget to do it. But this is absolutely not true! Setting up an advertising campaign could cost as little as $125 per month! I know you spend more on green juice each month than that. 

Advertising is for the serious entrepreneur and if you are serious about increasing your sales online, online advertising is a must. It will help you to build brand awareness, acquire new prospects, and of course, increase sales. With just a small budget each month, you can easily grow your holistic business.

Simply, designate a budget to your advertising campaign and start running one today. If you need help setting up Facebook retargeting advertising or web-based ads to show up on authority sites, be sure to check out The Club. We offer affordable advertising campaigns to our Club Members and we manage them 100% too. 

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