How To Create A Sacred Life


Article by Damla Aktekins

The Benefits of Being a Self-Care Advocate

The Benefits of Being a Self-Care Advocate

Creating a sacred life is a transformational journey. With every breath, you are creating and re-creating yourself on a quantum level. With how you see and set up the physicality of your life, you get to choose how your life will be lived.

Here are a few ways to make each and every moment of your life sacred and beautiful:

  • Create places of comfort around you. How can you make your surroundings more inviting, warm and beautiful? My favorite ways to lighten up my house are with candles, twinkle lights, and carefully placing soulful objects and intention carriers like a Buddha’s hand to symbolize receiving or crystals to hold intentions of abundance and creativity. Clearing physical clutter and placing things you love to look at will open up your inner pathways for sacred living.

  • Love your inner child unconditionally. Every day ask yourself what your inner child wishes to do. Get in touch with her with deep listening and meditation. Allow her to come out and play with dance, spontaneous outings and spending time in nature.

  • Invite in carefully selected soul friends into your inner space and home. With every sacred relationship you have where you feel valued and celebrated, you are adding to your inner nourishment. Organize a soul gathering with your most beloved friends. Create opportunities for connection through book clubs, clothing swaps, and potlucks. Love your community and let your community love you back.

  • Express your unique soul gifts at every opportunity. You don’t have to create a huge canvas or a big art project. You can get creative with a beautiful meal, the way you set up your jewelry and toiletries, and with the way you dress, talk, and do your make-up every day. The truth is that you are a living and breathing art. Enjoy being, enjoy creating beauty with all that you do, say and embody.

  • Decide to heal yourself with big or small steps every single day. We are all here to learn and heal, that is what makes life a sacred journey. Take every opportunity to learn about healing yourself in any way that your soul urges you to with nudges, signs, curiosity, and synchronicity through books, people, videos, workshops or trainings. Create soulful pauses where you get to apply what you learn, and be thankful for each layer that you learn about, each layer that you feel and heal.

Creating a sacred life is not only within your reach, it is your birthright! Go make your life beautiful, enchanted and a work of art, in your way, with your rules. And most importantly, enjoy every second of it!

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