Libra Solar Calendar 2019 by Angel Quintana


Written by Angel Quintana

Libra Solar Calendar by Angel Quintana

Libra Solar Calendar by Angel Quintana


Let’s turn up the charm and celebrate this peaceful goddess with open arms! She wants nothing more than to make you smile, for you to see your value, and pay attention to all the details!

Ruler of the Tarot’s Justice card, Libra is about getting contracts signed and delivered, balancing the masculine and feminine energy, and of course, taking her time to make important decisions — just don’t wait too long!

Libra has a tendency to be non-committal. So, if you were determined to finish all your projects during the Virgo season, don’t be too discouraged when Libra stalls the project by obsessing about every last details. After all, branding and decals matter to this Venusian Empress.

Whether you’ve got a new logo for your business or branded photoshoot in the works, make sure to treat each project with utmost care. There is nothing worse than a rushed or scatterbrained Libra! Don’t rush this graceful peacemaker!

It is in the fine details where Libra can support your brand in shining bright like a diamond. She will help you to harness your inner artist and develop an eye for exquisite taste.

If you find yourself in an indecisive pickle, just grab your favorite overnight weekender bag, and take a short getaway to your favorite destination.

You may also have a strong push to team up or collaborate with a fellow partner this season, and this is encouraged! Whether it’s a clothes swap or a joint venture, just make sure the relationship feels balanced and fair.

There’s nothing worse than an unhappy Libra who feels like she’s bringing more to the table that her counterparts; if you’re not careful she might even throw the fairies on you to settle her dirty work!

With Venus as Libra’s ruling planet, you may unravel a few more intoxicating things to add to your menu of first loves (Libra does have a tendency to fall in and out of love with all kinds of stuff frequently and without batting an eye), and that’s okay. When the creative juices are flowing, don’t put baby in a corner. She might resent you and she might even write you off!

Overall, Libra brings gifts of gratitude to all occasions. If you’re not currently giving back or chipping in, make this season a charitable time. After all, the act of giving always invites more abundance and with more abundance comes lots more pretty, sparkling things.

ANGEL QUINTANA Founder of Holistic Fashionista

Founder of Holistic Fashionista

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