Why a Luxury Business Model will Set Your Business Up for Success

Luxury Business Model

Luxury Business Model


Article: Angel Quintana
Photo: Dasha & Mari

As the holistic industry grows, the more the market becomes saturated with fitness coaches, nutritional consultants, holistic health practitioners, sound healers, and yes, even holistic business coaches. To standout in a saturated market can appear to be difficult, but I assure you, it's easier than you think.

You and I both know, "The Universe delivers, every time no exceptions" but when it comes to marketing a holistic business, you need not pray or meditate to  have a profitable business. Instead, you must merely look at your business through a luxury business model. Let me show you how.

Create a Signature System

Discovering your signature system is the most sacred piece of marketing you'll ever encounter in your business. So what is a Signature System anyway? Firstly, a signature system goes way beyond just how you will solve the problem. In fact, that is just the beginning. If you sell a skincare system to solve acne, your signature system might include all the steps to achieving beautiful skin, which might even include yoga, diet, and of courses, your products.

However, your signature system also has to do with your marketing system or action plan. It could be that your system requires blogging, advertising, sharing a weekly webisode, or hosting monthly tele-classes. The bottom line is you must have a signature system if you want to set you holistic business up for success from the get-go.

Step #2
Create a Stylish Brand

Sure, there is tons inexpensive platforms (or even free ones) to build out your website, you can even purchase a cheesy logo for $5 if you want on Fiverr.com. But that won't make your business stand out and it most definitely won't help you find higher quality customers. When you think of your business like a luxury business, you start expecting more from yourself and your ideal customers. This is when you business starts to change... for the better.

You see, the internet is saturated with TONS of information, products, and yes, even inexpensive products that claim to get the job done. Well, you didn't acquire all those certifications, classes, and years of experience overnight, and you probably invested a pretty penny to be the BEST at what you do. So why would you go chinzy on the branding?

Branding is the way to set your holistic business apart from the other kinds of businesses out there. Treat your business like a luxury business by investing in a good website designer, designer packaging, a beautiful logo, business card, and more. 

Find the Right Publicity

This is where I see a lot of entrepreneur go wrong. They think by gracing the pages (or cover) of any so-called-magazine that this gives them press. It might give you an ounce of publicity, but it doesn't mean it's good press. When someone asks you to guest blog on their site or co-host a webinar or even participate in a tele-summit, saying "yes" to these opportunities comes with a price-- and it's not a cheap price tag.

What I mean is while you can get FREE publicity by saying Yes to nearly every opportunities handed to you with the hopes of increasing your visibility and brand awareness, what you're really doing is compromising your brand by showing up on less-than-fab media platforms. 

Even if a PR person contacts you to compliment you and butter you up by saying you're the next IT girl in your niche, don't let your head get in the clouds. Stay grounded. Remember, media people are great salesman, and unless it's a credible source (just take a look at their website), saying no to that opportunity will save you in the long wrong.

Finding the right publicity to promote your holistic business is essential to your success. Saying "yes" to everything and everyone shows a lack of brand integrity. Know what you stand for, develop your brand with a branding expert, and never forget that you got into business to make money-- when you are a luxury holistic business, you just wiped out your competition. It is then you become known in your niche and the right publicity shows up at your doorstep-- without the hefty price tag and without a cheesy website. To learn more about increasing sales online, join The Club.

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