Never Chase Anyone: 5 Tips For Attracting Your Ideal Client


Attracting Your Ideal Client

Attracting Your Ideal Client

Article by Marlo Wright
Photo Credit: Victor of Valenica
Magazine: Issue #17

We’ve all been there in business. In desperate need for some help; even willing to pay for it! Yet, despite our best efforts, things just don’t seem like they’re coming along at all! You want so badly for things to fall in place, including hiring the right people and attracting the right clients, to no avail. When things are not quite going the way you hoped for, it’s probably the best time to regroup and look at things differently. Here are 5 quick tips for regrouping, reassessing and reassuring yourself solid relationships are worth the wait. 

Is your target market interested in your service?
Entrepreneurs think people want what they have! Instead of thinking, do the market research! It will save you a lot of headache and waste of time, money and resources you may spend on a project no one is interested in. 

When people are blowing you off, go somewhere else.
We all know when we’re getting the cold shoulder! Keep moving because obviously the person doesn’t want your business or to do business with you! 

Remember not all people are professionals.
Consider yourself first by having the proper paperwork in place. Ask for what you need from the vendor and make sure they deliver. It’s ultimately your responsibility to hold them accountable for their contract! 

Hostile tactics.
You never have to agree to work with someone who makes you feel inferior, especially when you’re paying them for a service. You’re hiring them because they’re the expert! Not so they can use you as their personal verbal punching bag! 

Desperation & Perspiration.
You’re only as desperate as you seem to be. Take your time closing deals, taking on new contractors/vendors, or clients. Never let them see you sweat, because if they do, they’ll feel like they can take advantage of you! 

There will be times where you feel desperate to get things done! Like nothing is moving and you’re work pile is mounting so high it’s blocking the sun! Take heart and know that behind the scenes, the universe is conspiring in your favor! That the wheels you’ve set in motion are working on your behalf to bring to you what you need to fulfill your purpose! 

All things work for the good of your purpose! Sometimes, it’s about building your patience. Other times, it’s helping to develop you in ways only rejection can. In special ways, it’s preventing the wrong people from coming around you. 

Business is about synergistic relationships. Not about ones that only benefit one party. Build a better business by building better relationships, those will flow naturally and you’ll never have to chase anyone! 

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