Own Your Niche by Mastering Your Expertise

Mastering Your Expertise

Mastering Your Expertise


Article by Denita Austin
Photo Credit: Jana Cruder
Magazine: Issue #23

In order to become a master of your unique gifts, you must first indulge patience, commitment and practice. We were all given a unique set of skills when we came to this earth. I encourage you to explore what they are. Close your eyes, take a breath and think about what is it that you enjoy doing and you just so happen to be great it. 

Indulge in the pleasure of your gifts. Whatever you’re true gift or extraordinary talent is, delve into it until you’ve reached the golden gates of mastery. What are you passionate about? What makes u smile on any given day? 

Have you heard the saying practice makes perfect? Well of course in order to become a master at anything you must practice this special gift over and over again. You must research and do your homework on this one phenomenal jewel that you hold to get to a level of mastery. Over time, you will develop skills that you never thought was possible. Practicing any skills or trait will become second nature after a while. 

Be the director of your life and master your talent to show to the world. If I had 20 years of experience directing movies then of course at this point in my life I would be considered an expert and master in my field. This simply means, I have put in the time and hard work that was required and now my work and I can be viewed as a master. Obviously you do not become wise over night so becoming a master at what you do is no different. 


Patience is everything. I speak about this a lot simply because it took me some time to really learn the true art of patience. We all have the now, now, now syndrome but we all know that you won’t go very far in life without patience. During this time of molding and shaping this extraordinary beam of light, continue to whisper your patience mantra daily. Note: Create a mantra that speaks to your soul. Mantra Definition: an often repeated word, formula, or phrase chanted or sung. In this case you will create one for patience. You know like I know, that the crown is super important to you and you want to be scene and known as the Queen of Mastery. 

Putting in the hard work and understanding that when you are fully committed to something and it has your undivided attention, the crown of mastery is just around the corner. Your time is near, so practice gracing the stage of life with poise and confidence because you are the queen of mastery within your field

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