Radiant Goddess Bath Ritual


Article by Ashley Nicole Sarikaya

Radiant Goddess Bath Ritual

Radiant Goddess Bath Ritual

Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of love, beauty and abundance, is the personification of deep soul beauty and radiance.

According to one version of the story, the Universe was once a dark and grim place, as the balance of power dramatically tilted from the Gods to the demons. Without their immortality, the Gods were lost and defeated until Vishnu came up with an idea for the Gods to take back power.

His grandiose plan was to recover the elixir of immortality and Lakshmi from the depths of the ocean. Day in and day out, the Gods churned the milky ocean, bringing marvellous treasures to the surface. After thousands of years, Lakshmi finally emerged in all her radiant beauty. Seated on a blossoming lotus flower, she locked eyes with Vishnu, and they have been inseparable ever since.

Lakshmi reminds us that beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder as long as we open our eyes to it. She helps us embrace the entire Self, warts and all! Like an onion, she inspires us to pull each layer back to reveal our full radiant soul.

I love invoking the Goddesses in my beauty rituals. I created this bath blend as a way to open the heart to divine love, kindness and abundance.

This bath ritual feels like a big motherly hug. Not to mention your skin will be luminous and radiant from the nourishing enzymes in the raw milk and powerful antioxidants in the honey.


•3 cups raw (or unpasteurized) milk

•1 tablespoon raw honey

•5 drops of rose essential oil to activate the heart chakra

•5 drops of sandalwood essential oil for grounding and vitality

•1 tablespoon lotus flower powder

•A handful of fresh or dried camellia or rose petals

•Lakshmi’s sacred crystals: rose quartz, rhodochrosite, pink tourmaline, citrine, and/or green aventurine

•Lakshmi’s sacred objects: a photo of Lakshmi, white or pink candles, sea shells, crystals, coins, roses or camellia flowers

Set the mood by creating an altar for Lakshmi around your tub. You may add any of her sacred objects or whatever calls to your heart.

Place your cleansed crystals on the bottom of the tub. Fill the tub with water that is the ideal temperature for you. Add your ingredients before stepping in.

As you soak, give thanks for the abundance and beauty already in your life, creating space for more to wash up on your shores. Soak for 20 minutes or more.

May this bath ritual nourish your soul with divine love to reveal your inner soul glow.

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