Recharge Your Success with a Creative Rebirth

Issue #25: Letter from the Editor

CEO/Founder: Angel Quintana
Photo: Mariana Garcia

Photography by: Mariana Garcia

Photography by: Mariana Garcia

As we enter into the exquisite weather of Summertime, the ocean sparkling, the trees blossoming, and our desire to spend time outdoors, the romance of creativity that sets in is now in full bloom. And while many of us have exotic getaways to the islands or european vacations planned to recharge batteries with friends and family, there is still plenty of time for solitude; the birth place of your creative genius.

This month at Holistic Fashionista we might be shopping for summer dresses or spending time with gal pals toasting at our favorite downtown brunch destination, but the visionary inventions that are brewing in our personal cocoons are nothing less than extraordinary. In fact, as the clock strikes money o’clock, we are in the mood to give, receive, and play with the big leagues. Who’s in?

With a few hours each week spent in solitude or ‘think tanking’ with our mastermind counterparts, the cocoon is the perfect place for a visionary to retreat. This is where brilliant ideas transpire and inspiration beams down from the heavens to give us high-fives! They know we’re rad and who can blame them… we’re doing it for a great cause!

Photography by: Mariana Garcia

Photography by: Mariana Garcia

Behind the scenes we’re brewing up a tasty batch of “making a difference”, going postal with mailbox marketing, and introducing video commercials to our menu of services right here in The Club, which we believe will be a total game changer for our tribe of holistic online marketers. Can we hear a “YES, PLEASE!” We’re excited to say the least.

So if you’ve been thinking about taking that much needed retreat to reboot your motor or spend quiet time alone to revisit some of those old journal entries, now is the time to use your cocoon for an immediate creative rebirth.

Before you know it, your butterfly has emerged and you’re ready to spread those well-crafted wings and fly high to serving your ideal customers who are excited to find you… But not without your business besties by your side, cheering you on from the sidelines, and anxiously awaiting to see what happens once you step outside the cocoon. We know it’s going to be pure magic a little butterfly told us so.



Angel Quintana builds holistic brands. She is the CEO and Founder of Holistic Fashionista, a marketing and consulting agency for holistic leaders looking to start and grow designer businesses. Acclaimed for her renowned Signature System©mentoring programs, Angel helps over-achievers launch strategic sales funnels to sell high-end, holistic products. Her non-traditional consulting style focuses on asking hard questions and listening attentively to clients in order to: write compelling sales copy, creative problem solve, launch killer marketing plans, and attract their Kismet Clients™.

While her tattooed exterior shows her creative tough side, it is her thoughtful approach to brand building that has won her thousands of raving fans. She is also the author of Funnel Foreplay, the little black playbook of sales strategies for a new generation of internet marketers who celebrate the art of business-to-consumer relationships without jumping into bed with cold leads. To learn more about Angel, visit

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