Reiki as an Entrepreneurial Tool



Article by John Scardina
Photo Credit: Rose Jane
Magazine: Issue #19

Reiki (Universal Life force Energy), a Japanese hands on healing technique that is used for all types of healing, physical and mental. Scientifically proven and accepted as practice used for patients going through Chemotherapy at many hospitals, due to the meditative and healing properties. But Reiki is so much more. There are three levels of Reiki, Levels 1 & 2, and Master.

All of these bringing different abilities to the practitioner. Once a practitioner has reached or been attuned to level 2, the practitioner is attuned to distance symbols, allowing this healing technique to be utilized forward and backward in time. This allows the healing energy to be sent and received in the future and past. A bit of a strange concept to grasp, but can be very effective for any entrepreneur.

As business owners we utilize every tool we have available to become a success. By becoming taught and attuned to level 2 Reiki the entrepreneur can send Reiki, positive energy, and positive intent into the future in the following ways:

Sending Reiki to that business meeting prior to your arrival.

Sending Reiki to a client prior to your session.

Sending Reiki to business document prior to signing.


These are just some ideas of how an entrepreneur can have positive and healing energy in place, ready to pick up and utilize upon their arrival to any business situation. This may seem a lot to comprehend if not familiar with Reiki, but in its simplicity you could potentially compare it to prayer, if you so choose. But Reiki is not a religion, it is a practice based on energy and everything around us and including ourselves is energy. With the practice of Reiki, you have limitless options that you may utilize to provide positive results in business. If you have a past business ( a learning moment, we have all had at least one) event that did not go well, you can also send this energy back to this event in history to help diminish the thoughts of this mistake and turn into a positive thought.

Reiki as explained while being taught, “Can never do harm”. Reiki could be an amazing business tool for any entrepreneur. 

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