How to Release and Reverse Negative Beliefs


Article by Priscilla Wainwright
Photo Credit: Michelle Kim
Magazine: Issue #18

Release and Reverse Negative Beliefs

Release and Reverse Negative Beliefs

Whatever is holding you back and causing you emotional pain is rooted in your beliefs that you have absorbed over the years. These are fiction, the creation of your false self, but you have accepted them as reality. Therefore, you probably haven’t seriously questioned them.

Now is the time to throw them out and create a new, powerful, positive belief system. We all hold beliefs about 3 major categories: Self, Others, and Life/World/Universe.

Take 3 sheets of paper. Label one “Self”, the next “Others”, and the third “Life”. Write down on the appropriate paper all the negative beliefs you can think of that you hold about each of these categories.

When that is completed, take 3 new sheets of paper. Label each as above. For each negative belief, write on the new paper a positive opposite, corrective belief. You don’t have to believe these positive beliefs right now. Just do it. If you need help, review the Universal Truth articles on and the positive counter-statements on the Symptom List on the home page.



I am worthless.
People are evil & conniving.
The world doesn’t care about me or my ideas.


I am of priceless value & worth.
People are basically good at heart & generous.
The world is waiting for what I have to offer.

Once you have created your list of positive beliefs, start every day by reading your list. Then show up and start acting every day inside those new beliefs. Act as if they are true. Stick with this and soon you’ll see new results and the new beliefs will take hold. Spend a few moments each morning visualizing yourself as glorious and powerful, acting from these new beliefs.

Shred, burn, or otherwise destroy the lists of negative beliefs. You might wish to create a little ritual around their destruction.

Perhaps light a candle, dress up in your prettiest outfit, go outside in nature, or in a safe place at home and burn the lists. At the same time, tell yourself that you are a new creation, glorious and powerful beyond measure. Maybe say a prayer, have a celebratory meal and/or drink. Maybe have a close girlfriend participate with you. Whatever. Have fun, Tigress.

Rise Up and ROAR! “The old has passed away. All has become new.” – St. Paul

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