Rise, Shine and Be a Billboard Brand: Say “So What” On the Way Up

Say "So What" On the Way Up

Article by Catrice Jackson
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Rise, Shine, and Be a Billboard Brand

Rise, Shine, and Be a Billboard Brand

Did I say that? ----- Oh yes I did! --“So what!” --- Two of my favorite words. Wildly successful people are NOT losing  sleep over the critics, naysayers, and unbelievers and you shouldn’t either. They rise, shine and do their damn thing without permission, approval, apology or regret. I don't know about you, but I just won't put my peace, passion, purpose, potential, prosperity, presence and profit in the hands of other people. I refused a LONG time ago to not walk in my own shadows or anyone else's. 

Unfortunately, there are many who still believe they NEED other people's permission or approval to show up, be who they are and do what they want.  I understand why people are waiting to unleash their true self and EXHALE! And, it's simply fear: fear of "what will people think of me?"  How do I know? Many years ago, I felt that same  feeling for a brief moment (will I lose people if I shine too much?). It wasn't until I was divinely reminded of "whose I am" I chose to anchor into this: I AM THE DAUGHTER OF THE ONLY MOST HIGH KING! 

And as a child of God, I was created to SHINE and be SALT in the world. I do not need anyone’s approval or permission to shine because my God gave me my own special flavor,  unique secret sauce, and a one-of-a-kind juicy goodness to sprinkle liberally in the world! With HIS approval, no other is needed.  I'm deeply anchored into this, nothing will move me from this magnificence! When God created you, he created a copy-cat proof masterpiece and don't you dare minimize his brilliance and perfection. 

What if you chose to believe THIS for yourself today and lock into it?

Can you imagine the freedom, liberation, truth, freedom and power you would feel in your soul and exude in the world? Can you imagine how much more attractive and visible you'd become as the "brand of YOU" in the marketplace? It's time for you to take off the masks, costumes and facades and say... so what, this is who I AM take it or leave it and not think twice about it. Unleash the courage to do it today! 

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