3 Secrets to Finding Your Intuitive Voice


Written By: John Scardina
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari

Secret to Finding Your Intuitive Voice

Secret to Finding Your Intuitive Voice

Admittedly we do have voices in our head, we do not like to admit this and most certainly have been told at some point in our lives not to listen to them. In dualistic existence we know good and evil exist, but before I get too crazy over this I would like to bring to light that this is about your personal intuition. I’m not talking about wild psychotic voices in your head, I’m talking about that one voice in your head that knows you best and always knows the right answer for you at every turn. “Your intuitive voice”.

Those in science will tell you that intuition is created from experience and repetition, allowing one to make decisions based on these beliefs. This belief allows us to take shortcuts in our decisions which can work for and against us. But that is science and I will just leave this bit alone. Intuition is so much more than what science will tell us. In a spiritual existence your intuitive voice is the one and only one, that knows you, guides you, and never lies to you. This is the voice you need to reach and ignore all others.

I truly do believe that this voice is in all of us and if we search, meditate, and incorporate “that gut feeling”, we can reach our maximum potential with intuition allowing us that perfect trust in our decisions as entrepreneurs. Now for the fun part, how do you tune into this voice and learn to make decisions that you know are already right without questioning each decision. It will take only a bit practice in order to connect to your intuitive voice.

Practice one: Energy Method. Trust in your sixth sense. Imagine that your whole existence, emotions, and intellect could stretch outward and forever to capture sensations, information, inspiration, knowledge, and wisdom like waves of energy. Let yourself walk through your day sensitive to all of these energies.

Practice two: Meditative Method. Find a place to sit comfortably and quietly. Focus on your breath, taking several deep breaths until your mind is clear. When you are relaxed, identify an event or that you'd like more insight about. Focus on the event for a few minutes. Connect with your inner voice and listen to what it has to say in regards to your event. It is also helpful to keep a journal next to you, so when you are done you can write down any memory of this intuitive conversation.

Practice three: Question Method. Ask yourself questions. Such as what is it I am most concerned about or most interested in growing now, relationship skills, personal growth, career. Create a question and ask it internally as often as you can. Listen to your inner voice and receive your answer.

These are just a few practices that you can utilize in finding and listening to your intuitive voice. Remember to practice often and build a “perfect love and perfect trust” relationship with your one voice that guides you to a more intuitive lifestyle. I hope these practices allow you a healthy long lasting relationship with your intuition.

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