Spring Clean Your Body with a Dandelion Detox


Article by Andrea Ellsworth  

Spring Clean Your Body with a Dandelion Detox

Spring Clean Your Body with a Dandelion Detox

Spring is just around the corner and with this new and fresh season comes the urge to “Spring Clean” the house and surroundings. While I do love a good home revamp, I tend to kick up my spring cleaning a notch and bring that ideology to the body with a digestive detox.

What most consider a weed or straight up pain in the ass, I consider gold. The dandelion! You heard me folks, the dandelion has so many healthy benefits, is growing wildly on most of our lawns and is one of my detox staples.

The entire plant can be used for various herbal remedies but dandelion is most known for its digestive aid and liver support. The properties in the root of the dandelion can help balance blood sugars, stimulate digestion, cleanse the colon and promote the healthy flow of bile from liver and gallbladder, which all equals one healthy, clean and clear digestive system!

Even if a full fledge detox is not your thing, most of us can benefit with a sending a little extra TLC and oomph to the liver as it is often overburdened with environmental toxins and our crappy food and alcohol indulgences, so let’s say thank you to our liver for all it’s hard work and reward it with something nourishing shall we?

My favorite way to ingest this plant is to sip on the tea and enjoy dandelion in all its earthy and bitter glory, however supplements are available.

Happy Spring and Mad Dandelion Love.

*This article is for informational purposes only and not meant as medical advice. While dandelion root is openly available for purchase, it is still an active herbal remedy and may have contraindications. Please check with your health care provider before use.

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