The Art of Exfoliation: 3 Tips to Obtain Glowing Skin


Obtain Glowing Skin

Obtain Glowing Skin

Article by Leah Vautrot
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Just as a snake sheds it's skin, we must shed our past over and over again. - Buddha

Whether or not this is an actual Buddha quote, shedding your skin and the past decisions you've made that affected it is necessary.  Exfoliation is often touted as a simple way to purify pores, combat aging and clear up skin. While exfoliation does achieve these results many people over exfoliate and exacerbate their skin issues or create new ones in the pursuit of clear, youthful skin. Done properly exfoliation can reveal a more radiant you. Here are our tips for perfect exfoliation.

WHEN should you be exfoliating?

2 to 3 times a week. Every day is too much. Exfoliation should gently remove the build up of dead skin cells and promote balanced oil production for a glowing complexion.  Excessive exfoliation causes your skin to play catch up creating excess oil and possible breakouts, redness could also appear. Too little exfoliation and skin can appear dry and lackluster. Your face should never hurt afterwards and if you're exfoliating and still breaking out it's likely you need to scale back the days that you exfoliate. 

HOW should you exfoliate?

Start with moistened skin and using your fingertips gently rub in a counterclockwise motion. The key to any facial product application is upward strokes. Complete the counterclockwise movement while scrubbing no more than 3 times before moving to the next area of your face. Be sure to steer clear of the delicate eye area. 

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WHAT ingredients should you be exfoliating with?

There are many wonderful natural ingredients to be used for exfoliation. You can easily DIY with a very fine salt (powder fine) mixed with raw honey for normal to oily skin. Brown sugar and olive oil is another great DIY gentle exfoliant for normal skin. A facial scrub using nuts or oats or both is a very lubricating scrub for dry skin, like our Small Batch Face Scrub.

Congratulations you are now well versed in the Art of Exfoliation. Go forth and shed.

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