The Ecstasy of Freedom: a Tantric Immersion


Article by Sandra Kokic



What do you think and feel when you hear the word Tantra?

A rush of excitement as you fancy a Tantric reunion in your mind? Do latent desires arise from within or do you think you gotta have a perfect partner before you can indulge in tantric activities?

Tantra in Sanskrit literally means to wave and to expand.

Imagine a vibrant & colorful woven coat, made of a rich fabric with multifaceted threads, opulent materials and diverse patterns. Various forces unified into ONE vibrant piece.

Now let this coat be the reflection of how you allow everyday experiences to integrate into your life.

This coat can be seen as a representation of our capability to "weave" experiences into our (cloth of) life.

Another word we can use for Tantra is " YES".

Yes, as an attitude to life.

YES to my feelings.

YES to my desires.

YES to my needs.

Rather than a certain technique or practice, Tantra is simply life happening. It is your invitation to join the wave of life and to share your breath with whatever arises.

The partner is omnipresent and always available, eagerly awaiting your participation.

The essence of Tantra is beyond any practice, and it is a way of living and being ( breathing), an attitude towards life if you will. One that becomes visible in our willingness to say:

YES to grief & sadness.

YES to love & intimacy.

YES to joy & playfulness.

YES to anger.

YES to the Madonna.

YES to the prostitute.

YES to the caring mother.

YES to the strict father.

YES to the peasant woman.

YES to the Queen.

YES to the needy one.

YES to the plenty.

YES to the beast.

YES to the angel.

All of these expressions are part of one energy stream that is coming to life in various forms.

It is source is the energy that created you. This source is your life force or sexual energy.

It is one energy stream that we give different names to: Chi, Kundalini, Orgone energy, Prana, Shakti...

This hot current is the red thread in your story or coat. Take a look at your coat. Are many colors interwoven? How many different materials does your piece of art unify? Are there any holes in the textile, or is the cloth solid and the piece woven as one strong fabric?

The way to integrate all of your experiences and gracefully master this wave of life, Tantra, is through the process of conscious breathing in every given moment. You may practice and go deeper in exercises and meditations, still, the class is happening all day every day. Your "Yes" is being reflected in your fabric, the diversity of colors, materials and patterns you have chosen to be enmeshed in.

It is an ongoing party that life is throwing on our behalf. Through our simple willingness to jump in with totality, all our desires, our curiosity, our fears and feelings, the participation in this gathering can become truly enriching and satisfying.

Breathe and feel, dear Ones. Share your sounds. Move. Do it again. And again, and once more. Ride the wave of feeling and expressing as you weave it all in using your one and only breath as the instrument of choice. Integrate, connect, communicate – give yourself into the union – with life Herself. Dare to showcase your masterpiece and wear your coat proudly as your one-of-a-kind soul's expression.

There is no end to this divine dance. It is an ever-evolving invitation to play in unison— your unique song with the universe.

Be inspired by the following song, “Move Your Body” by Sia, and throw yourself into the rhythm. See you on the dance-floor!

"Your body's poetry, speak to me.

Won't you let me be your rhythm tonight?

Move your body, move your body

I wanna be your muse, use my music

And let me be your rhythm tonight

Poetry in your body

Got you started or never end

Feel my rhythm in your system

This is heaven, I'm your only friend

Feel the beat in your chest

Beat your chest like an animal

Free the beast from its cage

Free the rage like an animal."

The Empress Festival

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