The Secret To Getting Clients


Article by Shana Yao
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

The Secret to Getting Clients

The Secret to Getting Clients

“How do I get clients?” someone recently asked me.

The reality is, marketing does not get you clients. Marketing builds awareness for your brand and the products and services you sell. But the actual sales process actually starts before you go to market yourself.

So if marketing doesn’t get you clients, what does?

When you go to invest in something, do you just buy? If I spend money with someone –someone who is promising to “transform my life” or for that matter, impact my life in any way, I am going to do a little research. People want to know what they are buying – you – are someone they know, like, and trust. When people part with their money for something of value, they have to know the brand that stands behind it is something of value.

Yes, getting clients is the strategy you use, but if the foundation underneath is shaky, no one is going to buy.

Here are the top 3 essentials you need to have clients lining up.


Your message is your promise to your customer. If your message is weak, your target client will not hear it. Your message is something you believe in your core.


Are you marketing to everyone? You may want to help everyone but in order to attract clients you need to niche down. This is what I call, your Consummate Client. They have an urgent problem that only you can solve. 


An effective marketing strategy is not about doing another webinar and it’s not about building a list. Those things ARE a part of a marketing strategy but they aren’t necessarily a part of your effective one. If you have a list of 20,000 people who aren’t willing to buy anything and subscribed just because you had a great opt-in, your list is useless.

An effective marketing strategy is just that – it’s effective. It isn’t about getting as many people to see your brand, it’s about getting the RIGHT people to ENGAGE with your brand.

In order to always have clients you must have a business with a strong foundation that is magnetic. It speaks a strong message to the right people and builds the know, like, and trust, essential for people to exchange money for what you sell. It’s what makes selling easy, not sleazy. 

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