Tips on Becoming a Model

Tips on Becoming a Model

Tips on Becoming a Model


Article by Jacque Russell
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Here are some tips that I have learned. Yes, I used to be a plus-size model until I decided to focus on being the photographer instead.

You have to be willing to work it. You can’t take a few pictures here and there and expect to get modeling jobs. You have to get yourself out there. Make yourself a Facebook Fan page. Join Model Mayhem and Fashion World Models. You must keep them up to date. And interact with your fans. And don’t forget to connect with me on them.

Let me know when you are fully committed and I will get you in contact with more people. You have to work it and really want it.

You need to follow the industry. What is hot, new, and trendy. Study the posing of the models in magazines. Check out Pinterest.  You can find some great ideas on there. 

Easy Ways To Meet Early Success – Find A Niche For Yourself: What do you enjoy? If you don’t want to do bikini then don’t. Find what you are comfortable with. Watch all the seasons of American Next Top Model and The Face.
Know make up and hair. Until you get on with an agency you will need to be able to do your own hair and make-up.

I can’t say it enough practice, practice, and practice posing, smiling with eyes, expressions! 

Only put your BEST images in your portfolio. You should have a well put together digital AND printed portfolio. DO NOT print through Wal-Mart. Use a professional printing company. Your photographer should be able to print for you or recommend one to you.

A modeling assignment can be very strenuous and demanding. It is only to be expected that competitiveness will be very high. You also need to sustain a high level of professionalism, health and fitness to find work in this competitive industry.
The following are some of the attributes of successful models ..

  • Learning ability and intelligence
  • Self confidence
  • Willingness to travel and leave friends and family behind
  • Good organization skills
  • A healthy body and lots of get-up-and-go!
  • A model who is comfortable in setting goals and not afraid to go after them with a dogged determination
  • Resistance to peer pressure – Stay drug and alcohol free

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