To Fall Asleep - Stop Racing Thoughts


To Fal Asleep - Stop Racing Thoughts

To Fal Asleep - Stop Racing Thoughts

Article by Sam Shelley
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

I had to be knocked out, or the constant mind chatter would keep me awake.  I had racing thoughts most of my life, and I ended up taking sleeping pills for 20+ years.  With the sleeping pills I had difficulty waking up and I was very sluggish.  Avoiding the sleeping pills wasn’t an option since the lack of sleep was a trigger for my migraines or the lack of sleep triggered a manic episode (I was diagnosed Bipolar I).

My mind chatter was usually stuck thinking about how someone treated me earlier in the day, or thinking about the excitement or dread about the upcoming day.  I was possessed by my thoughts and I took all my thoughts as the absolute truth.   Since I took all my thoughts as my truth I suffered from very low self-esteem, high levels of stress, and was in a constant state of worry.   I developed a mindset that I wasn’t good enough or deserving, and became suicidal.    
I read a book that mentioned the benefits of meditation; one benefit was inner peace.  I knew that I needed inner peace to survive. The high stress was taking a dramatic toll on my health (multiple sclerosis, bipolar, migraines).   I had no teachers to guide me on meditation. I only knew to sit there, and be quiet.   Sitting down for meditation in the beginning was brutal, my mind chatter grew in volume that I was wasting my time or I wasn’t deserving.   But my mantra to keep myself going was “I deserve 5 minutes a day to meditate.” 

After a few weeks of mental torture, the mind started to quiet down.  I discovered that I have thoughts, but I’m not my thoughts.  I saw that all my thoughts were not the truth – my mind was creating a false reality.   Through my practice I shifted my mind to a place of peace. 

In addition to meditation, I also found mindfulness practices to calm the mind.  Through my simple practices I was able to let the thoughts go and sleep.   

Today, I’m a medical miracle since I have no sign of diseases, and I feel like a vibrant 20 year old.  

If thoughts are keeping you awake, don’t continue to suffer!   The suffering can stop. Schedule a free call today and discover a tip or two to help you find a way to take back control of your life. 

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Sam Shelley

Sam’s life was filled with pain and suffering. He was diagnosed with bipolar, multiple sclerosis, and other ailments. He had a profound awakening that resulted in a miraculous healing. A healing that cannot be explained by his doctors, this healing took away all of his ailments and disabilities. His passion today is helping others remove the limiting “not good enough” beliefs. His first book “I Don’t Dwell” is being release later in 2014. Visit Don't Dwell to find out more.

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