Virgo Solar Calendar 2019 by Angel Quintana


Written by Angel Quintana

Virgo Solar Calendar by Angel Quintana

Virgo Solar Calendar by Angel Quintana


There is no better sign of the zodiac to kick us into high gear, get us hyper-organized, analyze the data, and move forward with efficiency with our goals than our humble and service-oriented Virgin.

Virgo reminds us that we are here to serve the planet; we are here to be an expert at our greatest passions and bring them to the world one step at a time. 

You see, Virgo doesn’t skip steps. If you want to rush to the finish line, Virgo is here to remind you that all foundations begin one brick at a time. You rush the foundation and you may as well start over; it will always undergo a tower moment.

This cycle is also about laying the foundation in our health. 

Naturally ruled by the 6th house, Virgo asks us to embrace the healer within. Whether you are helping others to ignite their own healing or you are doing some of your own internal sanctifying, this benevolent yet strict Virgin knows a thing or two about self care.

Self care is not selfish, or actually is it? An evolved Virgo knows that selfishness is what got her to the top of her class, but not because trampled on others to get there. She understood the Law of Physics that states what energy you put in will always be a mirror of the output dispersed. 

This kind of selfishness is mandatory if you truly want incredible results; which of course, Virgo wants nothing short of true excellence. 

Self reflection and taking action towards balancing mind-body-spirit  is heightened this season with an earthly essence. Virgo wants to go hiking and connect with Mother Nature. She wants to put her toes in the dirt and her fingers in the sand. She might even be brave enough to hug a tree (ok, maybe that’s taking it too far, my apologies Virgo.)

Virgo is a leader in her own right, so expect a windfall of dedication and project clean-up taking place this cycle. Don’t rush this part of the path. Remind yourself that Virgo is here to get it done, but she doesn’t want to wake up 6 months or a year from now only to learn what she built wasn’t her best work.

Do your best work now and reap the stellar rewards later. That’s the Virgo way.

Join me at this month’s Empress Festival to help your inner Virgo slow down and heal yourself so she can help heal the world.

ANGEL QUINTANA Founder of Holistic Fashionista

Founder of Holistic Fashionista



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