We Are All Healers {Remove Life's Programming}


We Are All Healers

We Are All Healers

Article by John Scardina
Photo credit: Carley Page Interiors
Magazine: Issue #37

As most people go through life living a programmed life, I sit back and wonder how many years in my lifetime have I wasted living in this manner. We all know the routine, it does start early in our lives as we have little choice in our early years, we know no better and are dependent on a society that molds us. We are taught to fit into society at so many levels that restricts us to think and do only as others do. Society has created these events making it difficult to think for ourselves and become who we were meant to be or better yet, who we manifest to be.

This also hinders our beliefs that we can openly be allowed to think outside of the box and succeed by far surpassing those who never release a programmed life.

We do not succeed by being just like everyone else.

We have been raised by this society, but we have been lied to at the same time. It’s time that you hear the truth about breaking free from this programmed life.

I want to share a bit with all of you, as I’ve lived this structured and programed way for much longer that I should have. I’ve been educated throughout the years and excelled at many things just exactly like everyone else. This gave me an education (which is a great thing), but I never really thought for myself. I needed to figure out for myself what it took to be one or two steps ahead of the pack and succeed in business and life. Breaking free from these so called normal events was one of the most frightening moments ever. This was a time to look deep inside myself and determine what it was that I needed. This started with more education in the Holistic realm and finally stumbling into energy work. Something about this felt so right to me, the ability to manipulate energy for positive benefits. So many benefits that blew my mind.

If you had the opportunity to learn and master techniques that allow you to heal yourself, events and others, would you be able to handle this truth? Society has made us dependent of receiving healing from others exclusively. It’s time to break free from this dependency and freely explore the possibilities of what Energy Healing can do for you, your life, and your business. As a Reiki Master Teacher I teach the individual methods that allow this process to manifest in your life every day, placing you in control of your real truth. Can you handle the truth that you do possess this ability and just need to be attuned to this process and remove the programmed life concept forever? Deprogram yourself into a successful life and experience the real truth of who you are and what you can be! Learn to manipulate energy.

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