Your Second Brain: When to Hire an Online Business Manager


When to Hire an Online Business Manager

When to Hire an Online Business Manager

Article by Dani Magestro
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Step back into my life about 5 years and you’ll see me working my ass off as a Virtual Assistant (and making peanuts). Fast forward a few years and I made the decision to become an Online Business Manager or OBM for short. Every journey to becoming an OBM is different, and I believe that it’s my crazy backstory that make me a great fit for my clients. 

There was a time when I wasn’t quite ready to be an OBM but because of fear that my VA business would not grow, I moved into the role anyways. I charged too little, and my confidence was low, two things that always seem to go hand in hand. As I realized I had been managing businesses for years, and had helped manage several successful ‘departmental’ businesses (Information Technology, Office Management and Human Resources in my day job), I finally threw in the towel and fully accepted that I was an Online Business Manager. 

Here is my list of what I feel an Online Business Manager is: 

1. Owners second brain. 
2. Looks at the big picture, AND the fine details. 
3. More than just a task ticker. 
4. Higher level skill-set than a Virtual Assistant. 
5. NOT paid to say YES. 
6. Manages projects and staff. 

Making the decision to hire an Online Business Manager isn’t something you should do on a whim. Quality Online Business Manager’s charge between $50 and $150 an hour, and if you find one for less you probably should ask about what types of businesses they’ve been running. 

So how do you know when to hire an OBM? First, if you find yourself feeling like your business is in too many bits and pieces, and could use some higher level automating, that’s a clue. Another is if you find that you need to grow but feel stuck. You’ll usually find yourself thinking “If only I had someone to bounce ideas off of that really understood all the parts of my business and cared about it as much as I do!”… Yep that’s a clue! 

One question I get asked about all the time is, what comes first the OBM or the lower level staff? In my opinion an OBM is the first stop in placing the right people within your business. They can help you grow, hire, manage and just generally make shit happen. 

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Dani Magestro

Dani is an Online Business Magician who helps her clients reverse their curse. She is an Online Business Expert for hire and mentor. Learn more at Dani Magestro

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