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What' You'll Learn in This Training:

  • What Your FONT Choices are Really Saying to Your Clients Whether They Know it or Not!

  • How to Speak Directly to Your Ideal Client Without Having this #1 CRUCIAL No-No Speaking for You

  • What the SECRET to Writing Irresistible HEADLINES is That Get Your Audience to Get Clicky

  • How to Spice Up + Spruce Up Your Branding WITHOUT Hiring a Designer

  • The 3 Biggest Mistakes You're Doing in Your Marketing + How to Course Correct

  • What Your Potential Clients are Saying Behind Your Back that You Probably Don't Want to Know

  • The #1 THING You Need to Do To Turn Up Your Branding BAM! Factor and Own Your Niche Once + For All!

  • How to Look at Your Branding Through a New Lens So You Can Start Attracting Better Clients + More of Them!


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Video Training #3

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