Marketing Plan for Women Entrepreneurs

Marketing Plan for Women Entrepreneurs

 Building a Brand with Angel Quintana

Building a Brand with Angel Quintana

Attn: Holistic Women Entrepreneurs

I know how difficult it can be to not only start a business but trying to put together a marketing plan that actually brings in customers and clients as a woman entrepreneur. It's can be a grueling and highly discouraging process trying to put all the pieces together yourself. I also know how time consuming playing on social media can be when you don't have a strategy to back you up. So where do you start? What's the secret to being a SUCCESSFUL woman entrepreneur?

The first problem I see with women entrepreneurs really has nothing to do with their marketing plan... Yep, you heard me correctly... at least NOT for starters. A marketing plan is obviously a KEY component when building a brand, but the real problem I see time and time again from women entrepreneurs is in their offerings.

Most women entrepreneurs are offering a product or program THEY believe is valuable, but if no one's buying, then is it really something YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMERS thinks they need? People can be very tricky. You have to go inside their brain and unlock what they're thinking and that can be tricky to discover alone.

 Holistic Fashionista Magainze

Holistic Fashionista Magainze

Trust me, I know what you offer is valuable, I'm a woman entrepreneur too. It took me 18 months to unlock the secret to my success. And I stumbled across the solution ON ACCIDENT. I spent a butt-load of money on coaching, information products, and attended seminars all over the west coast looking (desperately) for the answer to my URGENT problem.

I know that you have put your heart and soul into developing a program or product or three that has given you some exposure to your brand. You might even be selling other people's products in your e-store or as an affiliate or networking marketing distributor. And that's fine and dandy 'n all.

But do you secretly wish you were selling YOUR OWN products; things you've designed, created, or developed? Did you turn to the products you are selling now as a "last resort" because you want to be a woman entrepreneur? Are you finding that selling other people's products are probably just as hard to sell as yours are!??

Rest assured. There's a solution and it's all about to unravel for you. Right here. Right NOW!

I'd like to challenge you for a moment and really test your money radar. Think of the product or program that you currently offer that was DESIGNED BY YOU. And then, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your product or program something someone is searching for on right now?

  • Do you know what your ideal client is typing into right NOW?

  • Has your target market purchased a product or program similar to yours in the past 12 months?

If you've answered NO to any of these questions, the first thing you must work on is building a brand with a strong foundation. And yes, that means getting a little techie and very strategic in your approach to marketing. Even if you just want to sell someone else's products or be an affiliate... Although, I'm going to keep encouraging you to DESIGN your own products... More on that later.

My clients come to me with a whole bunch of different problems:

 Women Entrepreneurs like to Shop

Women Entrepreneurs like to Shop

  • They can't find customers/clients

  • No one's shopping in their e-store

  • Their business doesn't match who they are entirely (especially their website)

  • They don't know their niche or how to find it

  • Their business no longer represents their greatest talents (they've been contemplating rebranding)

  • They are ready to get a little rowdy! And fear if they show their creative edge, they will get scrutinized.

  • They are finally ready to build an EMPIRE not just run a small business!

What Personal Branding Has to Do with Your Success

There is one BIG thing these women entrepreneurs ALL have in common... drumroll please.... They ALL lack a strong personal brand. Their business is suffering because their personal brand has never truly been established, launched, or worse made any money at all!

Don't know what I mean by Personal Brand?

A personal brand is where an individual markets THEMSELVES and their CAREERS as brands.

In a matter of words, without a strong personal brand, your business foundation is on shaking grounds and could crumble at any moment, which is why their MARKETING PLAN (or the lack thereof) isn't working. Their social media efforts, newsletter blasts, blog posts, and website were all created without a strong personal brand, which is why they aren't getting customers, clients, sales, or leads! No traffic. No Sales. No results.

If you got into business to make money, which is truly the real reason anyone starts a business (or is an affiliate)-- otherwise you'd just do it as a hobby, then it's time to start taking your business seriously-- and that means building a brand with a ROCK solid foundation. Are you with me?

So how do you build a brand with a Rock Solid Foundation
that guarantees customers and clients?

You must develop your very own Signature System.


You must develop a marketing strategy that sings praises around your Signature System.

3) You must have a target marketing that is desperately and urgently looking for your Signature System!

4) You must embrace your CREATIVE EDGE! (Use it or lose it!

Did you guess right? You need a Signature System!

 Yeah Baby! FREE TRAINING: Marketing Plan for Women Entrepreneurs

Yeah Baby! FREE TRAINING: Marketing Plan for Women Entrepreneurs

Let's ROCK Your Brand Out!


So you might be wondering, what the heck is a Signature System and how can it help me build a brand with a ROCK SOLID foundation so I can quit this affiliate shit and launch my own successful BRAND... Now you're talking, sista!

But be WARNED. You can no longer be cookie-cutter. You can no longer hide behind someone else's product. You can no longer be vanilla. It's time to BRAND LIKE A BADASS.

I'd like to invite you to a apply to work with me to discover how to start building your brand by creating your very own Signature System. Workbook included. Sit back and take NOTES! I'm about to rock your world.


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