Money Mindset with Angel Quintana

Money Mindset with Angel Quintana

What is Money Mindset and how does it affect your business as a woman entrepreneur?

In order for your heart-centered, holistic business to thrive, you must have a healthy money mindset. It's that money mindset that will keep your head held high during those periods when you feel like giving up. Being a woman entrepreneur is hard enough-- letting negative mind chatter that repels money from you is only making it worse.

Money Mindset is a combination of two things: 

1) Your relationship with money

2) Your self worth

 Money Mindset for Women Entrepreneurs

Money Mindset for Women Entrepreneurs

Let's discuss these two points in depth. Firstly, your money mindset is determined by your relationship with money and that means how you currently spend and save your money, if you save at all.

For some, saving money has to do with fear of not feeling secure and for those who don't save at all may subconsciously have deep groove neural pathways that have downloaded information they may have learned from their parents. 

For example, if you grew up in a family with parents who were always saying things like "We can't afford it" or 'You don't deserve that" you may have downloaded that information as truth, which results in an unhealthy relationship with money.

If you're a woman in business and you are struggling to make money in your business or clients come very infrequently, it could very well have to do with your parent's Money Mindset that was passed down to you. Bummer, right?

So what's a gal to do? Her relationship with money is in the toilet, she can't make ends meet, and her ability to increase sales is nilch!

But there's hope.

The second component to your Money Mindset has to do with self worth. Do you value what you currently offer to your potential customer? Do you believe it's worth money? Or are you struggling to make ends meet because you FEAR asking for money, promoting your products/services, or worse, somehow despise marketing your business?!

This has everything to do with self worth. Women entrepreneurs seem to struggle with this problem more so than men in business, why is that? They fear selling; they feel like it's slimy or even feel guilty asking for money. That has everything to do with self worth.

To repair your money mindset (so it's as healthy as your bank account should be), there is a solution. Here at Holistic Fashionista we believe that the success of your business comes down to your relationship with money and how valuable you believe your products and services are worth-- which in turn comes down to self worth.

 Women Entrepreneurs Money Mindset

Women Entrepreneurs Money Mindset

Women entrepreneurs price their services too low, especially creative women entrepreneurs. We think we should be trading dollars for hours and working extremely hard to assure our customers got their money's worth, but this is the wrong mentality.

I want to show you what is possible in your business, how to build a healthy money mindset, repair the deep grooved neural pathways, and start valuing what you bring to your customers.

To get over the fear of asking for money or trading dollars for hours, you must develop a strong personal brand. With a strong personal brand you have the ability to see your value, show your customers who you really are so they begin to know, like you, and trust you. Once you build this important relationship, they will continue to come back and buy from you more often. As you can see, collecting money doesn't really have anything to do with SELLING, but has everything to do with building TRUST.

 Money Mindset Free Cd: The New Sales Pitch

Money Mindset Free Cd: The New Sales Pitch

In my 85 minute FREE seminar: The New Sales Pitch, I will share with you my 11 Branding Secrets to Your Undeniable Success by never having to hard-sell (or desperate sell) your products and services ever again! With a strong brand something miraculous happens in your business, and the once broke woman entrepreneur you might be now transforms you into a money magnet cash machine businesswoman!

The New Sales Pitch has to do with developing a healthy relationship with money while simultaneously teaching you how to develop your brand so you never have to feel icky or slimy on those sales calls; you no longer fear marketing yourself, putting yourself out there, and finally, charging top dollar for your amazing products and services that you've worked incredibly hard to develop!

Get ready to celebrate your new Money Mindset and get the real secret sauce to making a fabulous living as a woman in business. Are you ready?

Grab you 85 minute training NOW!


What You Will Learn in this Virtual Seminar:

    •    What branding is and how it can work wonders for your Money Mindset

    •    How CREATIVITY is the portal to your monetary success

    •    How to start attracting your ideal client by creating new neural pathways

    •    What packaging your products/services has to do with increased sales

    •    What's OUT OF SEASON in business and what's IN SEASON

    •    3 MAGIC QUESTIONS to ask yourself about your BRAND before you get started

    •    How your website is repelling MONEY from you + how to fix it

    •    What having a supportive community has to do with making MORE MONEY

    •    How to create a MOOD that appeals to your customers + gets them to BUY

    •    Why being a people pleaser will keep you BROKE!

    •    What being a SNOB has to do with selling

    •    How PR will create a BUZZ around your business + how to do it for CHEAP

    •    How to turn your business into a brand + create a healthy Money Mindset

    •    + so much more! {I hate long copy...}




Forget memorizing cheesy slogans and brainwashing people into spending money on your products or services. Instead, work on your brand AND your money mindset.

Branding has to do with the perception your product or service carries in the market place. Are you ready to MASTER that perception? If so, then this 85-minute seminar is right up your alley!

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