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Join CEO/Founder of Holistic Fashionista, Angel Quintana in an exclusive speaker series with 10 of her Signature System clients who discovered how to be WILDLY successful in business by aligning their true genius with their products and programs!

This 10-day event will without a doubt inspire you to take a look inside yourself to find your inner genius and where your luxury brand lives! So grab your green tea, your favorite cozy sweater, and get ready to be inspired!

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What Makes a Professional Coach,
Teacher or Trainer a Pro

What you will learn:

  • Overcoming the perfection bug

  • 3 habits that make you or break you

  • The successful coach/teacher/ trainer's secret weapon
    to success and always will be


The Networkers Edit: 6 Simple Steps to
Being a Better Networker

What you will learn:

  • Tips to be remembered

  • How to leave networking events with more than just peoples' business cards

  • How to make a Fabulous first impression

  • Industry secrets that are really just that good and that simple


Why Talented People Still Struggle: How to Get in the Flow and Live your Purpose

What you will learn:

  • How to ditch struggle, beat indecision, and live in the flow of life

  • Why if you're not living your calling you're selling yourself short

  • To make Magic, Synchronicity, and Opportunities a daily occurrence

  • What it takes to live your purpose and skyrocket your potential

  • How to find your Roadmap to Success

  • Why spirituality and wealth actually do go together

  • How your spiritual journey is also your path to success


Why Your Wild Truth Needs to be Aligned to a Live a Powerful Passionate Life 

What you will learn:

  • To release old blocks with ancient native modalities that will Set You Free 

  • Attract love in relationships by elevating your truth 

  • Why spirituality and sensuality are linked for personal fulfillment

  • Let go of self doubt and tap into Creative Focus as your innate essence. 

  • Live in Bliss and conquer self doubt towards self love.


The Reason You’ll Never Make Your Dreams Come True, and How to Become the Master of Your Destiny

What you will learn:

  • Why the old way of manifesting isn't working anymore.

  • Not all people with money and power are living in their truth, and how to avoid this critical mistake in building your wealth

  • What it is to be FEARLESS, and what it's not

  • The difference between you and someone who’s “made it”


How Stop that Nagging Voice That is Demanding that You Get Back to Making Music...Your Own Music

What you will learn:

  • How your life is organized around several important Core Beliefs

  • How these Core Beliefs may no longer be serving you, and preventing you from playing music

  • How to change those Core Beliefs and create new beliefs that stick

  • How to create plan of action and make your own music


Five Minutes a Day to Reduce Stress = a Healthier and Happier You

What you will learn:

  • Eliminate the negative chatter + looking for the "wrong" in everything

  • Eliminate the self-doubt + limiting beliefs

  • Stop feeling that you aren’t good enough + dwelling in thoughts

  • Discover your path to wellness and permanent happiness

  • Improved concentration, leading to greater productivity


How I Had to Think Outside the Box to
Get My Ideal Clients!

What you will learn:

  • 5 key components every entrepreneur must have to survive

  • How I found my Niche and how YOU can find YOURS!

  • My Biggest Struggle and How I OVERCOME it DAILY with 5 MUSTS

  •  My # 1 Healthy Beauty Tip


Removing the Starving Artist Mentality So You May Turn Your Talent into Wealth

  • How busting old beliefs, including ways to own your talent makes a HUGE difference in life, business, art and success

  • Why squelching negative thinking and negative money talk banishes starving artist mentality

  • Why social media and networking are essential for modern businesses

  • How to create a Modern Business Plan and Mission Statement for your Art 


Find YOUR Style Voice: Go From Unicorn-Hating Wallflower to Fun, Self-Expressed & Stylish Priestess!

  • What's holding you back from your Art and true path

  • Why FUN must be a priority in your life

  • How tapping into your Higher Self ain't just for the woo-woo kind

  • To use your style to show up like the creative, brilliant rebel you are


*We promise to never rent, sell, or trade your information with anyone.
Spam is so NOT Rad.