Angel Quintana

Angel Quintana

The Evolution of the Business Trendsetter™ is a definitive look at how an over-achiever becomes a successful pioneer in their industry. I will discuss key components on what personal branding is and why it’s essential to the success of your business, how to let go of trying to please everyone, the importance and essence of branding, and why it’s the primary ingredient towards making more money and attracting a niche audience.

There are 6 stages the business trendsetter goes through before understanding how to craft a sustainable business: the employee, the freelancer, the small business owner, the entrepreneur, the reinventionist, and the business trendsetter. I will discuss these in depth.

There are three types of business trendsetters: rebels, tastemakers, and visionaries. I discuss the difference between each and how to dramatically improve income by embracing your archetype.
Definition: A business trendsetter is an over-achiever who is done being a copy cat, is ready to play by their own rules, and curate a profitable and sustainable brand.

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

May 6-8th: Digital Marketing For Business, Raleigh, NC

May 12th: Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising,
Los Angeles, CA (Topic: How to Use Personal Branding to Rock Your Career)

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