The New Sales Pitch: 11 Branding Secrets for Women Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to stop acting like a small business owner and start THINKING like a CEO? Playing small is hurting your sales and your heart. Let's nip that problem in the bud... today!

Like many small business owners, closing the sale and bringing in new customers can be hard work. Most the time it even feels forced, contrived, or downright impossible. What if you could remove "selling" from your vocabulary and instead master the Art of Branding? It'll give you the same results and speed up the relationship. Are you in?

It's time for our CEO/Founder, Angel Quintana to share with you some of her best CEO Trade Secrets! So you too can have a thriving, profitable, and uber stylish company. Radness delivered. Always.


What You Will Learn in this Virtual Seminar:

    •    What branding is and how it can work wonders for your business + bank account

    •    Why CREATIVITY is the portal to your success

    •    What a kismet clientele™ is and how to start attracting them

    •    How packaging your products/services will increase sales instantly

    •    What's OUT OF SEASON in business and what's IN SEASON

    •    3 Magic Questions to ask yourself about your BRAND to get started

    •    What your web designer might not know + how it's hurting SALES

    •    Where to find your tribe and connect with a like-minded community

    •    How to create a MOOD for your brand and appeal to the 5 senses

    •    Why being a people pleaser will keep you BROKE!

    •    What being a SNOB has to do with selling

    •    How PR and Advertising will create a BUZZ around your brand

    •    Why you need to turn your business into a brand TODAY!

    •    + so much more! {I hate long copy...}



Forget memorizing cheesy slogans and brainwashing people into spending money on your products or services. Instead, work on your brand AND your relationship with money.

Branding has to do with the perception your product or service carries in the market place. Are you ready to MASTER that perception? If so, then this 85-minute seminar is right up your alley!