Ever wondered how to start a successful business, one that is aligned with ALL your true interests and talents so you can make GREAT money
doing what you love? I THOUGHT SO.



I did too.

I'm Angel Quintana, the Founder/CEO of Holistic Fashionista magazine and I'm about to take you on an expedition to discovering the secret weapon to creating, marketing, and launching a luxury business that is original and most of all, profitable.

Whether you are in the early stages of developing your business, seeking help to expand an existing one, or are looking to build your online presence to take your vision global, creating a luxury brand that attracts lots of ideal customers using the internet isn't rocket science. I cracked the code and now I want to share how I did it. Are you ready? I'm ready if you are!



Style is how I put my mark on the Internet. I started receiving beautiful emails from fans who told me how much they loved my site, my color story, and just the overall feel to what I put out there. Then I discovered that 93% of purchases are made on color and visual appeal-- and as it turned out, the statistic was right. The money started to flow in.


One thing that stood out to me like a sore thumb were rinse and repeat Wordpress templates, and a zillion coaches offering almost the identical product. Originality dawned on me one evening when I realized I was dying to unleash my inner rebel-- that's where originality lives and co-creates. Weird thing happened, the more rebellion I showed in my marketing efforts, the more money I made too.


When growing your empire, it's hard to stay motivated. Motivation become a very important ingredient to your success, but when you embrace the fact that you are a visionary, the ideas come to you at all hours of the day and that desire to keep going is like a dose of wheat grass! Whatever the secret is to staying dedicated to your work, do it because hard work pays off and it pays the friggin' bills too and then some. I now can shop whenever I want. Mission accomplished.



When all is said and done, I found that good ole fashioned branding was the name of the game and it's essential to the success of YOUR online empire.

The Business Trendsetter Branding Archetype Quiz will help you reveal your greatest strengths and weaknesses so you can do more of what you're genius at and delegate the rest. Keep in mind, the more honest you are with your answers, the easier it will be to attract your kismet clientele quickly and authentically and the sooner you'll be off to the races with a profitable brand.

What Will Be Revealed to You:

  • You will open the door to your inner rebel, tastemaker, and visionary so your originality can shine through

  • Get clear about what's holding you back from real success so you can nip it in the bud! 

  • Find the hidden areas in your personality that are repelling money from you and reverse it!

  • Unlock your brand IDENTITY so you can dress for success and show off your personal style

  • Discover what type of business trendsetter you are so you can begin developing you personal brand, make more money, and be the leader in your niche!

  • + Be a better video marketer, radio show host, or TV personality +much more!

Are you Lola the Rebel, Willow the
Tastemaker, or Bahar the Visionary?
Let's find out.