Holistic Living: Building Your Intuitive Intelligence and Trusting Your Gut

Learn from Monique Chapman how to tap into your intuition and trusting your gut. Intuition is the act of knowing and trusting without a rational thought. 


Divine Diva is a radio show dedicated to assisting women with holistic stress relief and intuition development. We wear so many different hats each day as we are living our lives in this “drive thru” society.  Sometimes we forget to take time to release the energetic buildup and pay attention to that soft loving voice that is always speaking to us leading us in the right direction. Learn how tuning into your intuition is an automatic stress releaser without having to take extra time out of your day.  Send in your questions and they will be answered in the next show. Monique@moniquechapman.com “Fashionista Woman” in the subject line please. Learn more about Monique by visiting her website.