The Art of Business: Repel vs. Attract

Today's show provides an introductory taste of the inspiration that our radio show seeks to bring our audience.  We go over ways we can move from fear to honesty in the way we look at ourselves and our relational capacity.  We cover our key principle out of the four we have created, The Pendulum Principle.  This Principle helps us attract others to us rather than repel them.  We get vulnerable and discuss personal examples of how ourselves have had to learn the importance of bringing this principle into our lives.  Join us weekly for inspiring, healing and transformational chats where we get real, vulnerable and discover more about who we are!

Heart-Shaped Heroine is an Art of Humanity movement designed to create positive change in the world. We seek to inspire our audience to think outside the lines, let go of the negative influences of society and the media that promote perfectionism and yield other damaging consequences. Through Heart-Shaped Heroine radio show, Angel Quintana and Season Hewitt will discuss thought-provoking topics to expand awareness around propaganda, holistic living, self empowerment, and much more. Join Angel and Season for pro-happiness fuel for the brain that will leave you exhilarated, ready to take charge of your own life, and be a holistic leader of tomorrow.