Business Coaching: How Fear Can Fuel You!

Find out how your fear can fuel you; learn what’s on the flip side of fear and why you want to experience that emotion more often. If fear has been holding you back or getting in your way, you won’t want to miss this show!

Elise Fee is a Life Expansion Coach for people who feel stuck, frustrated or discontent, want to know how to love and trust themselves more, and are willing to consider new ways of perceiving and interpreting life. You’ve chosen to be your own CEO, now you can begin designing your inner world as successfully as you have your business. If you won’t let last year’s trends stay in your closet, why allow outdated beliefs and habits to derail your peace and happiness? Elise Fee will give female entrepreneurs practical steps you can take to create immediate shifts in your business and personal lives. Learn how to use your conscious and subconscious to change whatever isn’t working, and live life by your design.