Beauty Lives on the Inside

Most people in the dating world feel like if they looked a certain way, they would already be married to the man or woman of their dreams.   The truth is that beauty lives on the inside and no amount of outer beauty will ever replace that.  On this show, you will learn how to amp up your inner beauty and become a person who is destined for true love.  

Modern Love

Welcome to Modern Love with Samantha Flax. I am Samantha Flax for Holistic Fashionista Radio. I am a Counselor at Law turned Counselor at Love and I am on a mission to get the world living in love through my work as a matchmaker and dating and relationship coach. Modern Love Radio is a place to talk all things love for business trendsetters. Let’s face it, when it comes to building a business and finding love or maintaining a relationship, sometimes the scales do not tip in our favor. Modern Love Radio is a place to get real about love when we are real about living a life we love.

Radio Show by Samantha Flax   Photo Credit: Pinterest