Speak on Stage: Seed Your Life Story

Get Up & Speak with Pamela Wills discussing See Your Life Story.

We all have the capacity to create. You might resist and protest, but we ALL create, every minute of every day.

As you read this, you’re creating a new entry in your info library. You’re also creating new cells in your body, new hair, fresh saliva… As soon as we’re born (even before that), we start creating: Sounds, cells, attachments… As children, we create memories, laughter, Play Doh masterpieces...

As we grow, our creations follow through school: Term papers, touchdowns, mistakes, triumphs, hardships, friendships…

Point: We create our own life stories. We seed the gardens of our life with either roses ~ or weeds.

Don’t get me wrong, my story has not always been all roses. A few years ago, I was NOT in a happy garden and had NO idea how to pull out all the weeds. I had not seeded a very happy story for myself. I had gotten windblown, bogged down and finally, just plain down. 

Luckily, I realized I still had my smarts and talent. Once I got tired of feeling sorry for my sorry self, I started reading articles like this one.

I started thinking for myself. Imagining. Creating! I created new goals, possibilities, friendships. Once I realized that I was in charge of my own life, I decided to seed a garden of life I could really LOVE.

Since then, I have done just that, nurturing those seeds into healthy beautiful plants: An amazing relationship with my incredibly confident daughter, a sweet and solid romance with my wonderful man, an exciting business platform that my Dad says I created out of thin air, a network of over 7500 followers, happy confident clients who love their results, expert status PLUS a rewarding career that feeds my creativity garden.

Point: If I can do it, so can you. Creating and seeding your own best life story is an ongoing process. It takes time and daily, diligent gardening. It takes attention, just like any art form.

You just have to take out your seeds and start planting.


Are you an executive or business owner who regularly turns down juicy speaking engagements due to a persistent case of stage fright? Are you a creative soul who must talk about your Self but would rather die a slow, painful death? Do you hide behind your computer even though you know the road to success includes making many elevator speeches at many networking events? If so, make a pit stop here and fill your confidence tank with my practical advice and fear-busting exercises! Don't just stand there, Get Up & Speak!

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