A Perfect Blend of Home Office and Fashion


Dear Diary,

In an effort to wind down the year with every single project I started to be completed, checked off, and off to a running head start I had to make some serious adjustments in my schedule. While I could have felt overwhelmed (like a couple of weeks ago), I decided to take yesterday to 'clean house' and I don't just mean sweep up the dust bunnies living under the sofa or mossed over cable cords behind my desk; I mean it was time to get seriously organized.

Since my closet really needs an entire room of it’s own, you should see my shoe collection, my office begrudgingly shares the same space —- not ideal, but I love a challenge.

One of the rooms in my charming home in Los Angeles is my home office. I don't just spend some time in there, I practically live there. As I looked around my office I realized it needed some serious sprucing up, adjustments, and overall, a makeover. Since my closet really needs an entire room of it's own, you should see my shoe collection, my office begrudgingly shares the same space --- not ideal, but I love a challenges. This was a serious task to endure.

I decided to make a floor plan of what I desired for 2014 as it pertains to my office and how I could realistically use my office as a wardrobe room-- a place where getting dressed in the morning was as inspiring as the vision board that lives in a vintage, oversized Rococo style frame I conveniently turned into a cork board and painted white above my josephine white lacquered desk. (I'm obsessed with white, did you know that?) I had to get clever.


I started with getting everything OFF the ground. No more computer paper. No more shipping supplies. No more random shoes laying around wishing to be put away. I decided I needed a large storage space to hide my work stuff and isolate the mess. But instead, I opted displaying my favorite heels and HIDE the office stuff. Shoes are much more inspirational than shipping supplies.

I wanted to celebrate my accomplishments, I mean, after all this is my office, so I went for printing large prints of some of my favorite magazine covers. Since the women on the cover were my muses, and super amazing individuals with major fashion sense, it made perfect sense to display them over my rolling rack of vintage and super-faves garb, which are now color coordinated. I purchased a beautiful geometric rug with gold and periwinkle accents and threw a couple shag rugs over each of my office chairs.

And wha-la! My new office is cozy, luxe, and inspires me while keeping my visually impaired and creatively dreaming. This year is wrapping up beautifully and I am now in love with my organized, clean, and fashionable work-drobe, where getting dressed in the morning is just as luscious as all the beauty I try to put online. I love being creative! Creative thinking can solve any problem.

Till Next Time,



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