Kamala Chambers


For 10 years, Kamala Chambers has mentored wellness entrepreneurs and practitioners, and is an online launch expert. She is an award winning coach, and the author and creator of the "High-End Programs that Sell" System. By the age of 20, Kamala was a lead instructor at Earth Walk Institute of Healing Arts, owned her own business, had traveled with a video production company, and had hitch-hiked across 3 provinces, 12 countries, and 20 states. Her online business success allows her the freedom to travel whenever she wants and vacation at her self-built eco-home on the beautiful San Juan Islands.



Do you want to have a successful online business? At Thriving Life TV, join Launch Consultant Kamala Chambers as she reveals how to have the power to change the world and the freedom to travel it. Kamala shares tips on launching quickly, selling your programs and classes online, and cutting your workload in half. To access a free launch training visit: www.MyRapidLaunch.com

Katie Cleary

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Katie Cleary

Katie is a Human Design Specialist and Coach, who helps women entrepreneurs learn how to live by design. Through understanding their personally *unique* energetic blueprint and gaining DEEP self awareness, Katie’s clients learn how to customize traditional or fringe success strategies to meet their *unique* energetic design. More than anything, Katie wants women to know they are designed PERFECTLY and that with self awareness there is no limit to the life they can create for themselves. 

Since her parents’ death when she was 22, Katie has been a student of personal development and spirituality.Katie studied business leadership through the lens of quantum physics, consciousness and neuroscience during her time at Maharishi University of Management. She was mentored by and worked for NYT Bestseller Janet Attwood, and during that time learned to facilitate the Passion Test, The Work of Byron Katie, World Cafe, Open Space Technology and Human Design Readings.



Join host Katie Cleary on Gifts of Connection and learn how to prevent and overcome burnout through living a connected life. Learn how to connect more deeply with yourself, each other and spirit. Katie's goal is to help you exponentially increase the joy, prosperity, and peace in your life and keep burnout at bay.

Erica Abdo

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Erica Abdo

Professional makeup artist Erica Abdo has worked with celebs such as Samantha Harris and helped get models runway-ready at New York City’s Fashion Week. She’s shared her expert beauty tips for national magazines such as Shape and Rebook.  Erica has paired the worlds of beauty and wellness to launch her own green beauty studio in Syracuse, New York.  Passionate about health, Erica focuses her talents and personal ethics on educating people on choosing the best organic skincare and cosmetic products, all while offering unique holistic services, such as organic facials and spray tans, that keep her clients feeling beautiful inside and out.



Green Beauty Bliss is a show by Erica Abdo that focuses her talents and personal ethics on educating people on choosing the best green beauty products to keep them feeling beautiful inside and out. Erica will be featuring makeup tutorials, nail trends, skin concerns, hair advice, her favorite tools, current obsessions and inspirations, as well as quick tips and tricks. Tune into HFTV to get inspired by Erica!