Ashley Nicole Sarikaya


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Ashley is a modern mystic, storyteller, belly dancer, yogi and spiritual activist. 

Originally from Southern California, her insatiable curiosity led her to travel the world, establishing roots in Italy, Greece, France, Turkey and Switzerland. Hungry to learn more, she bounced around cities and countries for more than a decade, stumbling upon profound mythic tales and traditions along the way. 

Currently based in Switzerland, her love of storytelling led her to pursue a career in communications. However, after ten years of the corporate grind, her soul started calling on her to blend her unusual combination of interests and skills to provide profound healing to the mind, body and soul. That is when Sarikaya Dreams was born.

Today she combines her passions for storytelling and spirituality to help modern women find balance and harmony. With mystical beauty rituals, herbal recipes, spiritual fashion tips and divine movement, she inspires the next generation of women to become agents of change in the world.

Jess Ponzio


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ess is a certified Advanced Crystal Healing therapist and Holistic Counsellor and Life coach. 
Jess is highly sensitive and empathic which help her assist each individual clear the blockages, energetic and psychological, so that they can connect with their soul and live the life that they dream of. Jess sees the auras and energies of others and loves healing sessions that work around chakra realignment and balancing of energies. 

Jess also reads tarots, channels loved ones and runs sound healing sessions by playing 7 Crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, native American flutes and the medicine drum. 
Jess has a passion for supporting people to make changes in their lives so they feel empowered enough to take the steps past their fear to bring their deepest desires into manifestation and be their most sparkly divine self.

Caitlyn Picerno


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Caitlyn’s passion and mission is to return us to self-love, reclaiming our inner power, and manifesting our dreams into our reality with happy pets by our sides. Her journey began with self-discovery through volunteering at the age of thirteen.

She fell in love and purposed a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and Mental Health Counseling, but throughout her education always felt something was missing with traditional approaches. After years of traveling adventures, immersing in different cultures, and research work with different populations, she was led to the transformational work she does today.

Caitlyn works with the whole human body: mind, body, and Spirit while incorporating animal work. She has extensive knowledge of many different tradition and holistic healing modalities as well as studied under mentors for years while continuing her spiritual awakening. Caitlyn is here to serve us in our journey and allow us to make them be truly magical!

Damla Aktekin


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Damla Aktekin is a Healer, who helps other healers move beyond their energetic wounds and shine brighter than they thought possible so that they can fully show up in their lives to heal themselves, their families and their soul-tribe.

She is a Biofield Tuning Practitioner, 500-hour Yoga Teacher, a Reiki Master and has over 1000 hours of healing, movement, meditation and workshop teaching experience in private sessions and group classes.

She is the creator of Chakra Bliss Healing method, Conversations With Healers Podcast and Mantra Dance. She loves holding healing space for those with energetic wounds, and teaching bliss-filled healing, movement, and meditation journeys.

Hannah Proctor


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Hanna Proctor is a rebel at heart and is determined to leave her mark in the world by being as open and authentic as possible! She has spent most of her life feeling invisible, misunderstood, and undervalued by those around her. But by adopting the truth that she was the source of all the love and joy she could ever want, she was able to finally feel confident and unfuckwithable!

Aside from being a mom to her two littles, it's her mission to help others rediscover their innate wholeness. She believes that self-love is key to our worldly and personal woes. And to get to that self-love, we must decondition ourselves from all the inauthentic lies we've subscribed to, open up to the lessons life is here to teach us, and realize that the only thing we can control is ourselves.

Join her in living a WOKE life!

Elise Rorick


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Elise helps creatives realize their dreams by creating enchanting imagery that connects the heart of their story to their audience.

Elise is an Enchantment Photographer. Capturing wonder and creating enchantment is her specialty. She is a self proclaimed nerd and is fascinated by stories, the sea, the stars, underwater photography, and exploring questions like "why are we here?" "what is the human condition?" and "why are we all still SO universally drawn to fairytales?" 

She is a book cover designer, artist, and product and brand photographer, living and working in Indiana (and visiting as much of the rest of the world as she can). The name for Lusicovi Creative comes from Elise’s Armenian heritage. “Lus” means “light” and “Covi” means “sea.” 

She believes in the magic of people following their passion, and she is a professional at capturing imagery for anyone pursuing their wild and crazy dreams.

Genicca Whitney


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Genicca Whitney is a Miracle Manifestor + Mental Wealth Expert for service-driven spirit junkies. She is the Founder of Genicca Whitney & Co., a company on a mission to support ambitious women GET IN THE MONEY-MAKING, SOUL-SHAKING, IMPACT CREATING-ZONE, with crystals in one-hand + a glass of rosé in the other. She knows for sure that you can totally have it all, supporting thousands of awakened women + mothers around the world feel worthy of creating massive impact online, while having fun, loving sales + making money. 

Her podcast, Genicca Whitney Radio, is your space for soul-shaking conversations with today’s modern day spiritual influencers, highlighting the badass journey conquered to manifest a fab + fortune-fuelled life. Genicca shares her weekly soul-vibe tips, her latest spiritual obsessions, and priceless mental + manifestation hacks so that you too can feel alive + aligned AF.

Devon Poer


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Devon Poer is the Founder of the Conscious Style Movement and Creatrix of StyleCraft - the first metaphysical virtual school and community for conscious styling. 

Prior to being a fashion stylist and event producer in Hollywood for almost 10 years, she is a single mother of two starseed boys, and Devon began her own energy work as a young girl. She believes that her calling is to support and guide parents and entrepreneurs in cleaning out the clutter in their spiritual closet, so they can release and heal the patterns blocking their joy and abundance. 

Everything is energy… and Devon calls on her gifts as an energetic image consultant and home energy healer to illuminate a magical environment and to unlock the magical style powers within you!