Tiffany Pye

Tiffany Pye

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Tiffany Pye grew up an introverted creative, intuitive, and dreamer. Always into the metaphysical and known for her mellow nature and old soul, Tiffany began meditating at age 12 every day after school and studied aura reading and self-hypnosis.

Tiffany is a singer, songwriter, poet, Hypnotherapist, and a coach. Tiffany has pursued entrepreneurial endeavors and has grown into someone who now strives to do only what feels good to her soul.

She has taken the time to realize her Higher Calling and wants to help YOU to actualize your own. She wants to get to the root of your beliefs and problems that are blocking your destiny so that you can confidently stand in your purpose.

Arrameia Auraire Araiss


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Arrameia's soul is currently expressing itself as a spiritual teacher, energy healer, multidisciplinary artist/musician, entrepreneur, and a bestselling author on a mission to awaken and liberate the human race.

Before her major spiritual awakening and a total rebirth in 2015, she was known as the singer, performer, and songwriter Veronika Vesper. Now she's utilizing all of her gifts and talents to fulfill her Higher Calling— a deep desire to inspire, liberate and awaken people to their truest potential, purpose and power.

Lane Kennedy


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Lane Kennedy began a successful modeling career in her early years and was graced with the gift of sobriety in her twenties. She's traveled the globe, founded successful companies, and pushed against the glass ceiling. As a seeker, she reached to harness the power of human potential.

Lane became a graduate of the Neuroscience Academy of Australia. One of the first graduates of well known "bio-hacker”, Dave Asprey's Certified High-Performance Coaching program and was first up to complete Dr. Sara Gottfried's practitioner course, The Hormone Cure.

She then dove into Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to compliment her decades-long meditation practice. She discovered a not very popular, yet ancient form of meditation called Yoga Nidra, sometimes referred to as Yogic Sleep. She enrolled in two separate programs to become a certified Yoga Nidra teacher. It has given her her freedom -- freedom from overthinking, freedom to rest, and the space to allow more love into her life.

In service to others, she shares meditation with everyone. Her clients include Department of Defense, The SF Police Department, Department of Emergency, Zuckerberg General Hospital, and many private clients. She is honored with helping others tame the mind, destress, eliminate anxiety and sleep more deeply.

Jody Kristina Barbero


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Jody Kristina is a Spiritual Coach and Reiki Master. Her work revolves around self-confidence. self-worthiness, self-healing, LOA, and mindset.

She believes women should have all of the earthly pleasures that their hearts desire, unapologetically.

Jody's life mission is to awaken people to see their potential and guide them back to their core self. Once you feel happy being your most true self, alignment and manifestation becomes a natural part of you.

Sandra Kokic


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Sandra is a Tantra Teacher and a Mentor assisting individuals and groups in the embodiment and reclamation of their Sacred Sensual Sovereignty.

She is the Founder of Magdalene Tantra, Divine Feminine Teachings that assist in the reconciliation of Sacred Feminine & Divine masculine energies . As a Visionary Artist , Sandra creates healing spaces for Women through workshops fusioning Tantra with visual storytelling to make the Divine Feminine visible and capable of being felt .

Chrystal Rhea


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Chrystal Rhea is an Intuitive Healer, speaker, and the Founder of Emergence of the Chrysalis. She dedicates her time empowering women to find their voice and overcome limiting beliefs. She works one-on-one with women on retreats and in circle as a consultant for emotional empowerment by them how to navigate the terrain of being a women in their own power.

Chrystal is a Certified Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer/Chakra Balancer, and Certified Evolutionary Astrologist. She is an Intuitive Tarot reader and an empathic channel who uses claircognizance for intuitive guidance. She is a herbal witch, expert on Emotional Aromatherapy, and a published author with the voice of empowerment.

Chrystal hopes you discover the powerful synergy of listening to your intuitive nature and Emotional Aromatherapy. This is her medicinal remedy to all those who feel stuck or programmed and are searching for answers.

Maleah Jacobs


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For the last 20+ years, Maleah Jacobs, Intuitive Consultant, has been working with clients all over the world sharpening her gift of powerfully life changing intuitive work.

She facilitates breaking the erroneous cycle of the human condition for high performance clients. She uses techniques to develop resilient, innovative, and resourceful life-leaders who achieve real world results in all areas simultaneously – personal and professional – all while leaving a legacy.

After transcending Lyme disease, chronic illnesses, alcoholism, and multiple traumas, she’s made a comeback. Now she is helping others to transform their lives. What is your dream? She can help get you there.

Lindsey Ardoin


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Lindsey Ardoin is a Wellness RN, Life Coach and Mindfulness Mentor obsessed with Holistic Health for the Body, Mind and Soul. Her specialty is integrating holistic, natural healing tools into your everyday life to create a unique healing journey for you. She takes a heart centered and holistic approach to help you achieve a more natural balance in your life by healing the body, mind and soul as an interconnected unit.

Lindsey believes that true health begins in the mind and that we must heal ourselves from the inside out by integrating and connecting our body, mind and soul. Her purpose and mission in life is to empower others to live a holistic life, Peace, heal past traumas and cultivate Self Love despite the Chaos of everyday life.

Jenny Arrington


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Jenny is a different kind of yoga teacher. She takes her love of academia and science, blending it with many styles of yoga to maximize her students' experience.

She is the Wellness Advisor at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. She is the author of The Kundalini Posture Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Practicing and Teaching the Postures and is quoted in publications like US News & World Report, Chicago Tribune, and Shape magazine to name a few. She also chairs the board of a circus and performing arts school, performing as an aerialist there as well. You can find her at