3 Benefits of Decluttering Your Life


Article By: Darlene Dunn
Photo Credit: Dasha and Mari


Recently I needed to de-clutter my house to sell and in the process, I realized how much lighter I feel with less ‘stuff’ in my life.  Three benefits that I have experienced by simplifying and decluttering:

1.       My mind is clearer. I am spending less time considering my junk and more time considering my business and my vision. 

2.       I have had more time to work my business since I am not distracted by things that are not vital to my vision

3.       Bonus - it is easier to keep my space clean and functional

If you are feeling burdened and stressed, consider simplification.  Don’t become stressed about it, start with a drawer or a closet and build up to whole rooms.  It is absolutely, positively amazing how it frees up our spirit person to be more creative and productive!

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