3 Keys to Enhance Your Feminine Essence and Master Self-Love


Enhance Your Feminine Essence and Master Self-Love

Enhance Your Feminine Essence and Master Self-Love

Article by Marcela Liliana Veron
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

When women strengthen the relationship they have with their feminine essence they exude radiance. 

One of the most powerful things I’ve witnessed in the women I’ve mentored is the beauty they exude when they strengthen their relationship to their feminine essence. This inherent magnetic quality intensifies when self-love and attention are brought inward into their presence, emanating a glow of deep knowing and self-assurance.
The feminine essence is nourished through the receptive flow of sensibility and grace. Sensibility is the ability to appreciate, receive, and respond easily to the complex expressions of aesthetics—that is, beauty and love. By tuning into their natural innate sensibility, women draw in more love.

Sensibility comes from the senses. Invoking them expands the feelings and emotional richness of the feminine. The more you tap into them through your sensations, the more you awaken the senses and heighten your awareness. I call this process sense-ability, which flows into sensuality.

The nature of the feminine principle is receptivity, which is intertwined with the senses and sensuality. Sensuality is the key to unlock the pleasure principle and enjoyment centers — the core of your feminine essence.

Your 3 Keys to begin unlocking:

Key #1

Always come back to your presence. Breathe into your body. Move your body slowly, rhythmically. Feel your life in your body. Tune into your source – your inner beauty. The gift of connection invokes the senses and awakens your sensuality. 

Key #2

Learn to “see” through your senses. The more you tap into your feelings through sensations, the more you awaken your senses. The openness that happens in your presence through this awareness helps you expand the natural flow of giving and receiving love. Tuning in helps your know more about your unique essence. I call this inner sensing and where your power lies. 

Key #3

Practice evoking your senses. Start by creating sacred space in a private setting in your home. Sit in a comfortable position, preferably on the floor on a plush blanket or towel. Center yourself with long and deep breaths throughout this exercise. Take pleasure in evoking each of the senses—sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. Be creative! Tune into any sensations that come up in your body, emotions or changes. Record your experience for each sense. Let them speak to you.  Journal your senses and insights. 

What does your sensuality say about you?

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Marcela Liliana Veron is an Intuitive Love Mentor and Feminine Essence Embodiment Coach, Interior Alchemist, Self-Love Medium, Mentor & Muse. Marcela mentors women who desire to express their feminine essence, deepen their love and intimacy, and aspire to attract and engage in meaningful, reverent relationships. She guides them to exude their natural radiance and power, embrace their soulful sensuality and embody their best version. Marcela also helps create a nourishing self-expressive sanctuary and lifestyle that reflects their inner beauty. To find out more about her program Your Essence Unveiled Discovery Session visit Embody Your Love.

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