3 Quick Tips to Making Your Big, Glamorous Dreams Come True in Your 30s


Making Your Dreams Come True

Making Your Dreams Come True

Article by Keisha Shields
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #29

Overachievers this is especially for you. So, you know those big, glamourous dreams that you’ve been secretly (or not-so-secretly) keeping from most of the people around you? You know, the idea that one day maybe you could own or have access to a private jet, or homes on multiple coasts, or being able to write out six-figure checks to the charities that you adore the most, or maybe all of those (I’m not alone in this, right?) plus many, many more. How about the big, glamorous dream you have of running a mega-successful brand (or two, or three) where you have so much time freedom, where you can choose what you want to do during your days, where you could take extended vacations or staycations with the ones you love?

So often we spend our 20s and the early part of our 30s beating ourselves up for not accomplishing more. More, more, more. The issue with this is that you need to be sure that you’re celebrating the goals that you are accomplishing while you’re on your way to making the bigger dreams happen.

Here are 3 quick tips to making your big, glamourous dreams come true in your 30s.

Quick tip #1: Consider whether or not reinventing yourself would be a fabulous thing for you to do!

So what do I mean by this? Pick one of your big, glamourous dreams (hmm, rather than BHAGs maybe we should focus on BGDs –big glamourous dreams) and evaluate whether or not who you are showing up as in this world is the person that would be able to bring that dream to life.


Quick tip #2:  Feed one dream at a time.

Eek! Ok, so before you overachievers break out into hives or sweats, let me explain. Feeding one dream at a time is all about you deciding which dream is a priority for you right now. This doesn’t mean you can only work on one dream at a time (heck, that would be so tough for someone like me) it just means that there is one dream that needs to be a strategic focus. Your deadlines, your milestones, your celebrations need to be mapped out so that you can track how close you are to making it your reality.

Quick tip #3: So what if it doesn’t come true in your 30s.

Yes, that’s a complete statement, rather than a question. When we have big, glamourous dreams (BGDs) they can often be the dreams that might necessitate long-term planning at this phase in your life. That’s ok. Some people might be able to cash in on their investments and make their BGD happen more quickly and someone else may need several years for that same BGD to come true. Guess what? That’s perfectly ok! Your journey belongs to you and after all, it is a journey. That means let’s enjoy the process of imagining, and feeling how amazing and glam we’re going to feel when the BGDs are what we are living.

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Keisha Shields is a luxury brand ambassadrice and reinvention dreams & glam mentor at Pink Label International for amazing women with big dreams. Her mission is to help as many women as she can (including herself) to explore and find out what all they are capable of doing in this world so they can live life in a big way. Ready to unleash and share some of your big, glamourous dreams? Realize that reinventing yourself might be a fun and fabulous way to stick with your BGD goals?  Register for Pink Label International’s free Reinvention Glam Guide for Brainy Girls with Big Dreams

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