3 Secrets Keeping You from Having a Life You Love


Having a Life You Love

Having a Life You Love

Article by Eliza Ceci
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Live a Life You Love Secret #1: What I’m experiencing is part of the plan.

You’re a soul who came here with a purpose that’s so unique and special. There will never be anyone like you again. That means your dreams and desires are unique too. It’s ok if what you see for yourself is different than what others are creating in their lives. Own your special talents and gifts because they make you who you are.

Put a hand on your heart and repeat these words:

I am incredible and beautiful because I was born. I’m unique, talented, beautiful, kind, daring and passionate in all of the ways the Universe requires me to be to fulfill my purpose. When I feel I’m off track I will remind myself I’m exactly where I need to be. Nothing I experience is a mistake.

Live a Life You Love Secret #2: Get crystal clear on what you want and don’t apologize for it.

Get clear on what you do actually want! The biggest mistake I see women making is choosing a life based on what their friends have or what culture, family or celebrities are doing. It’s out of alignment with you and what you deeply, truly want for yourself.

The key is to pay close attention to what you really want. I mean, what you actually, deeply, passionately want for yourself and for your life. Do you know what that is? What it looks like? How it feels? I highly recommend that you experiment with visualizing what you want daily.


Live a Life You Love Secret #3: Take action daily using your intuition as your guide.

Once you have your visual of where you’re headed next ask your intuition for steps to take you there. It can be exciting to see this dream and want to leap into it, but small actionable steps will get you there quicker than huge leaps that can bring up resistance, self­ sabotage or pain.

Taking these small steps in leaning into who you are and what you truly and deeply want for your life is brave. Trust yourself in knowing that having a life you love is about cultivating pure self love.

Make a point to honor your boundaries and tap into what you really want for your life.You can have what you want, now go bravely and claim it!

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Eliza Ceci is a lifestyle design coach and founder of Peace On My Platewww.peaceonmyplate.com. She’s passionate about helping women see their brilliance through owning your authenticity and allowing your intuition to lead you to your best life. She shares tools & resources to cultivate daily rituals and heal body, mind and spirit. Grab your free meditation and mini ecourse at Peace On My Plate.

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