3 Things to Prevent You From Giving Up On Your Darkest Days

Issue #28: Letter from the Editor

CEO/Founder: Angel Quintana
Photo Credit: Steve Conner

Photography by: Steve Conner

Photography by: Steve Conner

As Game Changers in business, (and I think I speak for the entire Holistic Fashionista tribe when I say) building a brand is not for the faint of heart. In my weekly newsletter on luxury business essentials, I frequently share the ups and downs associated with building a brand online.

From copycats to internet trolls, there is a fine line between those who love what you’re doing (so much they like to recreate it for themselves) and those who just want to stick out their tongues as your climb the ladder of success.

However, no one is really talking about how that affects the Game Changers internally; the ones who are putting it all out on the table because their mission is to change lives, on a soul level. I say from experience… It always stings a little. After all, we are still human beings and yet, this appears to be a taboo topic: how to cope with the lows of being a leader of a movement, so we’re left to our own devices, the grueling effects of monkey mind.

From experience, I have learned 3 things that motivate me even when I feel like I want to crawl under a rock and die. In the privacy of my own mind, sometimes I think to myself, I could dropped dead tomorrow and feel I have accomplished enough to feel good about what I’d leave behind— my legacy. But like  then with a quick jolt to the heart, I snap out of it and keep going because I know that monkey mind is playing tricks on me again!

Here are the three things that prevent me from giving up even on my darkest days:

1) I remind myself there are a lot of assholes on the planet.
Look, I may have holistic values, but that doesn’t keep me from being a realist. The fact of the matter is there are tons of assholes roaming the planet and most of them like to take up space online. As soon as I feel bummed out that I let a jerk take away my mojo, I remind myself that trolls exist and so do posers, copycats, law-suit happy gurus, and green-eyed monsters. It’s just part of life.

2) I start a new project.
There’s not a bigger motivator to get my creative juices flowing than someone pissing me off. I always want to step up my game, improve on my strategies, and send gratitude to those who are always there for me when the dark days show their devilish faces. I’m lucky I have Club Members, clients, and Business Besties who are for-lifers! And the best part about starting a new project when you have people on your side? They reap the benefits and you just grew your tribe. Giving back is the ultimate Dr. Feelgood and a money-maker too! Double win!

3) I read a book or 5.
As cliche as the saying goes, readers are leaders and if you’re a Game Changer it’s a mandatory ingredient to the success of your revolution! Training your mind to think positive on those dark days can be a bit of a struggle for me, for I have definitely NOT mastered the art of positive thinking (or meditation for that matter), but I do know that reading takes my mind off the negative and into the galaxy of increased knowledge. And because I love cliche sayings, knowledge is power and for me, reading books help me feel more powerful.

If you ever feel misunderstood or you’ve let the dark days nearly get the best of you, know that Holistic Fashionista and myself and here to support you. We know being a Game Changer has it’s trials and tribulations, but if you have a mind that needs guidance, these three tips have done wonders for me. And if you prefer a shot of tequila or a night out with your favorite gal pals, by all means do it! The goal is to feel better as soon as possible so you can go back to spreading your message far and wide without further delay.


Angel Quintana builds holistic brands. She is the CEO and Founder of Holistic Fashionista, a marketing and consulting agency for holistic leaders looking to start and grow designer businesses. Acclaimed for her renowned Signature System©mentoring programs, Angel helps over-achievers launch strategic sales funnels to sell high-end, holistic products. Her non-traditional consulting style focuses on asking hard questions and listening attentively to clients in order to: write compelling sales copy, creative problem solve, launch killer marketing plans, and attract their Kismet Clients™.

While her tattooed exterior shows her creative tough side, it is her thoughtful approach to brand building that has won her thousands of raving fans. She is also the author of Funnel Foreplay, the little black playbook of sales strategies for a new generation of internet marketers who celebrate the art of business-to-consumer relationships without jumping into bed with cold leads. To learn more about Angel, visit www.AngelQuintana.com.

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