Dreams to Reality: 4 Common Mistakes People Make That Halts the Fruition of Their Dreams


Article by Jentana Lee Dabbs
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #20

Dreams to Reality

Dreams to Reality

Do you have a dream, but it seems to be taking its sweet time to become a reality?  Have you experienced other people who have dreams that are similar to yours, but for some reason their dream came to fruition and you’re still waiting like a date who got stood up in a restaurant?

Over the years I would occasionally giggle at my friends when they were determined to make a dream happen that seemed far beyond reach based on their circumstances, skills or personality.  I rolled my eyes at a girlfriend (not to her face) who dreamed of singing on stage with a live a band, yet her singing was not music to anyone’s ears and I wanted to shake another girlfriend and bring her to her senses when she moved to New York because she envisioned her future husband being there, who would then romantically propose to her, while being presented with a huge rock for her finger (this is a girl who had consistent bad luck with men in the past.) To my amazement the girl who couldn’t sing in the past, is on stage shaking it up with a mic and a live band and my other girlfriend not only found the man of her dreams in New York, but she was given the same gigantic blue Cartier rock that Prince Charles gave to Lady Di when he proposed to her. 

Though dreams can happen, there are 4 mistakes most people make that can slow down or even halt the fruition of one’s dream.

1| Isolation: Many times people think that they have to isolate themselves from the world so that they can focus on how to make their dream a reality and socializing only comes as a reward once they feel deserving.  The truth is that socializing really brings you closer to your dream through the contacts that you meet.


2| Settling: Settling for a job, relationship or situation, is like telling the Universe, you don’t trust that your dream will happen and you’ve given up.

3| Comfort: Comfort actually kills in the long run, imagine a piece of fruit comfortably sitting in one place for too long, it eventually rots.  Discomfort means you are getting closer to your dream.

4| Playing it Safe:  Throughout history, the victors have always been the one’s who have taken risks.  A study done with fighter pilots have shown that the ones who played it the safest, were the ones that got hurt or killed and the ones who took the most risks came out as hero’s.  Smart risks equal rewards.

Remember that if you dream it, feel it and work it, then it will come to reality eventually.  

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