4 Ways to Avoid Loneliness

Ways to Avoid Loneliness

Ways to Avoid Loneliness


Article by Jane Morba
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Loneliness is something we all experience, so with a dark road in front of us, we can fill ourselves with distractions to avoid the loneliness or we can be with that raw aspect and make friends with your feelings. With practices of meditation, yoga, journaling and creativity we can listen to what’s calling us. 

4 Steps to deal with loneliness:

1. One way to avoid loneliness is to dive into the your body’s wisdom. You have the sacred space for going within, take baths, daydreams, do yoga, meditations, discover treasures that you have fantasized about. Allow the messages to come forth. 

2. You may feel in the dumps, but make something good happen. Do something special for somebody, send a hand written thank you card, surprise a person for something that touched you 

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3. Go online or to the library and read about inspiring people. Look for community activities that can bring out your interests, go to a poetry reading, a lecture, a dance class. 

4. Start a creative project, learn how to paint, start a new business, all this brings more confidence in our lives. Be brave, it’s a journey not the destination. 

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